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X A 'digital twin' of <i>Energy Triumph's</i> engine allows for deep troubleshooting and predictive
X A 'digital twin' of Energy Triumph's engine allows for deep troubleshooting and predictive

WinGD take home 2019 MP Intelligent Monitoring & Maintenance Award

A trial on board crude tanker Energy Triumph proved Winterthur Gas & Diesel’s engine diagnostics concept and secured the coveted Intelligent Monitoring & Maintenance Award

A trial on board crude tanker Energy Triumph proved Winterthur Gas & Diesel’s engine diagnostics concept and secured the coveted Intelligent Monitoring & Maintenance Award.

The Intelligent Monitoring & Maintenance category was introduced to the Marine Propulsion Awards to recognise the growing importance of data in optimising ship operations. The prize was secured by two-stroke engine developer WinGD’s trial of its diagnostics and predictive maintenance platform on crude oil tanker Energy Triumph, owned by Golden Energy Management. The trial involved collecting and analysing engine and machinery data to provide real-time knowledge of engine status and was welcomed by judges for providing proof of return on investment for WinGD’s substantial project on remote engine diagnostics.

WiDE constantly monitors engine status and condition, allowing WinGD to provide quick support in case of engine malfunctions and to develop an on-demand monitoring function. To ensure data quality and integrity, WinGD incorporates a data collection monitoring unit for collecting and visualising engine and ship data. Engine data is analysed through three analysis levels: thermodynamic, know-how based and machine learning. Combined, these give the full engine diagnostic picture.

Thermodynamic analysis monitors the engine based on a detailed thermo-physical process model of the engine – in other words, a digital twin. This provides the reference engine performance for any possible engine operation setting, ambient conditions and fuel type. The model is tuned separately for each engine and calibrated using data from shop tests. It is further validated by sea trial data.

A troubleshooting feature provides operators with instructions on how to solve engine problems in case of an alarm or if a failure occurs. It reports the problem, the list of alarms, identifies the part involved and automatically provides drawings and documents of the components affected.

Engine data analytics enables predictive maintenance which can greatly reduce operating costs and increase time between overhauls. Smart use of the collected data can be used to solve issues even more quickly and to optimise the engine, provide operational recommendations, and co-ordinate further technical support. A support centre provides regular reports on the health status of the machinery, including recommendations for optimal engine operations combining the best of digitalisation and person-to-person customer service.

"We started to look into how we could benefit from digitalisation four years ago," said Winterthur Gas & Diesel sales and marketing vice president Rolf Stiefel. "The achievement is developing a state-of-the-art system to carry out remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance in an intelligent way. Thank you to our partner Golden Energy Management for helping us to launch this product."

Judges liked the proof the Energy Triumph pilot provided for WinGD’s substantial investment in remote engine diagnostics. One praised the realisation of a “holistic monitoring concept” incorporating factors beyond pressure, temperature and vibration. Another agreed, acknowledging the multiple methods of analysis used to model engine performance.


Highly commended

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Expert Insight portal by Wärtsilä: A predictive maintenance service that detects and advises resolutions to anomalous behaviour using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.


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