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LNG bunker vessel Engie Zeebrugge won the award for LNG vessel of the year 2019
LNG bunker vessel Engie Zeebrugge won the award for LNG vessel of the year 2019

LNG World Shipping Awards showcase state-of-the-art vessels and diversified terminals

High-profile LNG vessels and record-setting terminals found the spotlight at the second LNG World Shipping Awards

The first day of LNG World Shipping’s annual Ship/Shore Conference culminated in a series of awards to recognise achievements in the LNG industry.

Presenting the awards, SIGTTO general manager Andrew Clifton acknowledged that the ceremony is a "unique feature, where those who have been involved in the industry and have contributed to the industry as a whole are quite rightly awarded for it".

Accepting the LNG World Shipping Vessel Award 2019 was deputy marine & HSEQ manager for NYK Shipmanagement Captain Ed Narraway, accepting the award for Engie Zeebrugge on behalf of the Gas4Sea partnership.

Engie Zeebrugge is the first purpose-built LNG bunker vessel and Capt Narraway acknowledged the challenges it had posed.

"Telling the truth, from the beginning it was a challenging little project, especially from the training point-of-view because we were having to use some people who were not traditionally employed on small LNG carriers," he said. "Then, of course, we had to focus on delivering to our customers, [a responsibility] which was, at times, down to a small bunch, but now it has expanded and it is a good little project."

Capt Narraway said Engie Zeebrugge had to that point, performed 26 bunkering operations and had expanded out to provide fuel for passenger ships recently.

Asked whether his team were working on a follow-up to the vessel, Capt Narraway took a long pause and demurred. "I can’t say," he said.

The LNG World Shipping Terminal Award 2019 went to the UK’s Grain LNG terminal, with the award accepted by engineering and design manager at Grain LNG Goke Phillips.

Mr Phillips said the terminal had been "very busy" and that November had been its busiest month. In fact, the terminal surpassed its own record for a single day’s LNG exports by more than 100 GWh in mid-November and broke European records for the highest send out from an LNG terminal.

In terms of the challenges posed by diversification, Mr Phillips said that "keeping the plant going as well as meeting the customers’ needs" was the primary focus and that the terminal was optimistic about the next 12 months and the future. Grain LNG is currently offering primary capacity to the market from 2025 via an open season.

LNG World Shipping’s Technology Award 2019 went to LNT Marine for its new IMO type-A containment system.

Accepting the award, Kjetil Sjølie Strand said the company had "just completed the construction of the first vessel based on the technology" on a 45,000-m3 LNG carrier. He said "for the next few years, large-scale LNG fuel tanks and the LNG fuel market shows the most potential".

Taking home the LNG World Shipping Safety Award 2019 sponsored by LNT Marine, GTT Training’s Captain Neil Macnab discussed the importance of the ’human factor’ in keeping the industry safe and tackled any misconceptions that simulator-based training does not accurately replicate life at sea.

"We have been very busy in the last year doing a lot of different LNG training for the industry, working with companies in training with the simulators – also starting to work with new companies and new people not familiar with the industry on LNG for the IGF code [International Code of Safety for Ships using Gases or other Low-flashpoint Fuels (IGF Code) adopted by IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC)]," he said.

And LNG World Shipping’s Lifetime Achievement award went to industry veteran Paul Sullivan, Worley’s senior vice president global LNG & FLNG, who Andrew Clifton, accepting on his behalf, called "a great character".



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