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We want to keep our community members and guests up to date with what’s happening at Riviera and how our multi-platform media approach works for you. New product launches, enhancements to existing services, announcements and important information will be brought to you here at Riviera Comms.

Over the coming weeks, we will be launching new and bespoke services specifically put together in partnership with industry experts and professionals to address current challenges as well as those existing ones that still have to be dealt with. Please register with us as a member to ensure you have access to all the latest updates.

Enhanced digital publications


Riviera is delighted to announce it’s highly valued digital magazines are now being published using FlowPaper technology to deliver a premium online reader experience.

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Many major trade shows, conferences and events that have been the mainstay of maritime and offshore for as long as I can remember have been postponed or cancelled entirely on a scale that really is unprecedented. And yet, whilst this is undoubtedly one of the toughest global challenges any of us have ever known, there remains opportunity for companies to emerge positively and for some, stronger and fitter than ever before.

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COVID-19 - an event terms update


We are acutely aware of global concerns regarding COVID-19 and we have been monitoring the situation on a daily basis as the virus has developed.

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Join industry experts from your desk - live

Join our live webinar series where we bring together industry experts and professionals from across the globe, direct to your desk.


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Welcome to our new communications channel

A communications channel for our community members, guest users and commercial partners where our senior management team will keep you updated with the latest developments to our products and services.

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