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Maritime Air Pollution Conference, Europe

19 May 2020 - 20 May 2020
09:00 - 18:00
Amsterdam, Europe

RouteMAP for maritime industry GHG emissions and air pollution reduction

On 1 January 2020, a once-in-a-generation regulatory change took place. This conference will explore vessel owner/operator experiences with their chosen compliance technologies including fuels, lubricants, engines and scrubbers.

The conference will examine the performance of scrubbers in the field and address the likelihood of a bottleneck occurring in the near future as more companies prepare for installations. Also, the event will examine recent investment decisions by comparing those owners/operators with scrubbers and those paying higher prices for VLSFO.

Key industry players will meet to discuss not only issues relevant to IMO 2020 but also the challenges that lie ahead, the main challenge being the compliance requirements concerning greenhouse gases and decarbonisation.


Two day early bird rate - EUR €1695
Ends 30 March 2020

Programme Highlights

  • Industry benchmarking: Hear experiences and gain insights into field data from across the supply chain since the introduction of 2020 Sulphur Cap on 1 January.
  • Vessel owner/operator experiences with low sulphur fuels, cylinder oil lubricants, scrubbers, alternative fuels and engines.
  • IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap: regulation update plus how enforcement will take place.
  • New low sulphur fuel oils: quality, availability and price.
  • New cylinder oil lubricants’ features and benefits.
  • Understanding the fuel and lubricant requirements for 2 and 4 stroke engines.
  • Scrubbers update: performance in the field and demand for future installations.
  • Alternative fuels update: examining the hot new technologies: LNG, LPG, Methanol, Ammonia, Hydrogen, Hybrid-Electric and Fuel Cells.
  • Assessing short- and long-term technical measures available and being developed, to improve energy efficiency for both the existing fleet and next generation of vessels.
  • Meeting the marine air pollution challenge – IMO Sulphur Cap 2020 and beyond.
  • A balanced programme which features keynotes, panel discussions, case studies, data and analysis, and product showcases.
  • Significant networking opportunities during coffee, lunch and cocktail reception.


“An excellent marine industry conference with good coverage of pertinent topics & gathering of key stake holders”

Infinium, Singapore

“Lots of information obtained from OEMs”

Gulf Oil Marine

“Well organised and valuable information”

Rickmans Shipmanagement Singapore

“Good presence of ship owners, ship managers and associated industry stakeholders sharing concerns of trends, regulations, challenges, new solutions etc.”

Chevron Marine

"Very worthwhile time away from desk. A better informed manager on return to my desk"


"An informative well managed conference covering topical and well-presented subjects"

Global Ship Lease

"Excellent! Very informative and well organised"


"Ideal opportunity for business...and learning the market’s concerns, thoughts and trends"

Anglo Eastern UK

"An excellent orientation to the propulsion concerns of the maritime world"

Maritime Training Institute

Advisory Panel

Nicholas Confuorto
President & Chief Operations Officer CR Ocean Engineering

Don Gregory

Les Gingell
Vice President, Marine Sales
MAN Energy Solutions

Edwin Lampert
Head of Content
Riviera Maritime Media

Stian Aakre
General Manager Business Development
Wärtsilä Moss


Tom Kenny - Brand Manager

Gold sponsors

Silver Sponsors

All Speakers

Charlotte Rojgaard

Charlotte Rojgaard

Global Technical Manager
Bureau Veritas, VeriFuel
Senior Representative Castrol Marine

Senior Representative Castrol Marine

Matthew Kenney

Matthew Kenney

Global Business Development Manager
Chelsea Technologies
Nicholas Confuorto

Nicholas Confuorto

President & Chief Operations Officer
CR Ocean Engineering
Frank Hansen

Frank Hansen

Managing Director
Danfoss IXA
Don Gregory

Don Gregory

Sergei Gusev

Sergei Gusev

Technical Manager
Edmund Hughes

Edmund Hughes

Consultant and former Head - Air Pollution & Energy Efficiency
International Maritime Organisation
Senior Representative MSC Shipping

Senior Representative MSC Shipping

Tor-Erik Sannum

Tor-Erik Sannum

Norsk Analyse
Ken McClelland

Ken McClelland

Technical Director
Pacific Green Technologies Group
Ralf Juergens

Ralf Juergens

Steve Bee

Steve Bee

Global Commercial Director
Veritas Petroleum Services Group
Stian Aakre

Stian Aakre

General Manager, EGC Sales
Wartsila Hamworthy Moss
Anders Mjolsnes Sorheim

Anders Mjolsnes Sorheim

Technical Sales Engineer
Yara Marine Technologies

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RouteMAP for maritime industry GHG emissions and air pollution reduction


DAY ONE: 19 MAY 2020

08:00 Registration coffee and networking


08:55 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media

Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


09:00 Welcome address from platinum sponsor



The opening session will discuss recent experiences of key players in the supply chain. Speakers will share their hands-on experiences, lessons learnt, and best practice strategies for achieving compliance.


09:10 Opening keynote: IMO 2020 in Europe – has implementation gone according to plan?

  • Consistent implementation of regulation.
  • Ensuring a level playing field.
  • Has there been any evidence of cheating in Europe?
  • Implementation by Flag States – how have European authorities responded?
  • Lessons learnt from early experiences.


09:30 Q&A


09:40 Owner/operators/managers panel discussion: feedback on early experiences

  • Field results with new fuels and scrubbers.
  • Reporting compliance data to relevant authorities.
  • Does the industry feel that a level playing field exists?
  • Best practice measures that can be taken to ensure compliance.


10:10 Q&A


10:20 Industry study: Black carbon emissions

Shipping companies and fuel providers have been using new blends of fuels to meet IMO 2020 compliance requirements. However, recent research has suggested that new fuels could lead to an increase of the sector’s climate impacts. Results of a recent study in Europe found the new very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) used by ships contained more aromatic compounds which are causing a surge in black carbon emissions.


10:40 Q&A


10:50 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area



This session will provide delegates with an update on future IMO regulations. Speakers will address future compliance deadlines and an update on Emission Control Areas (ECAs).


11:30 New IMO regulations on the horizon – implications for Europe

  • IMO regulations dealing with greenhouse gases.
  • How is decarbonisation in the maritime industry expected to place?
  • The road to 2030 and beyond – understanding future emissions targets and timelines.


11:50 Q&A


12:00 Update on IMO Emission Control Areas (ECAs)

  • Recent changes to ECAs – new regulations you need to be aware of.
  • What future amendments to ECA rules can we expect to see?
  • How and when will future expansion of ECAs take place?
  • What software tools are available to manage ECAs?
  • How will European owners and operators be affected by proposed changes?


12:20 Q&A


12:30 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area sponsored by Veritas Petroleum Services Group



This session will address the latest industry developments concerning marine fuels and lubricants. Speakers will discuss new products on the market, product availability and quality, and future improvements to their product line-up.


13:40 Fuels on the market – new products, availability and quality

  • New low sulphur fuels on the market.
  • Availability of new fuels in key regions.
  • New low sulphur distillates on the market.
  • How are manufacturers ensuring consistency in fuel quality?
  • Availability of high-sulphur fuel oil (HSFO) to be used with scrubbers.
  • Are the fuel requirements for European owners and operators being met?


14:10 Panel Q&A


14:20 Marine lubricants update

  • New lubricants for new fuels on the market.
  • How are new lubricants protecting engines and improving performance?
  • Future improvements to lubricant solutions – when can we expect to see these and how will engine protection be enhanced?


14:50 Panel Q&A


15:00 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area



Speakers will address key engine considerations that need to be made for various maritime applications. A key issue that will be addressed is how new fuels and lubricants are performing with engines.


15:40 Update on two stroke engines

  • How are new fuels and lubricants performing with two stroke engines?
  • Two stroke engines: what are the key challenges for owners and operators.
  • New two stroke engines – what can we expect to see and how will new technologies tackle the emissions challenge?


16:10 Q&A

16:20 Update on four stroke engines

  • How are new fuels and lubricants performing with four stroke engines?
  • Four stroke engines: what are the key challenges for owners and operators.
  • New four stroke engines – what can we expect to see and how will new technologies tackle the emissions challenge?


16:50 Q&A


17:00 Chairman’s day one closing remarks


17:10 Drinks reception


19:00 Gala dinner sponsored by Ecospray Technologies, and the Annual Marine Propulsion Awards

DAY TWO: 20 MAY 2020

08:00 Registration coffee and networking


09:00 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media

Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media



This session will look at recent industry developments, lessons learnt from hands-on experiences and how the industry is dealing with certain countries ban on open-loop scrubber systems.


09:10 Opening keynote: Lessons learnt from using scrubbers

  • How have scrubbers performed during normal operations?
  • Crew feedback on areas that need improving.
  • Generating and providing emission compliance reports to relevant authorities.
  • Lessons learnt from recent operations.

09:30 Q&A


09:40 Panel discussion: EGCSA update – recent initiatives and upcoming projects

  • Current and upcoming EGCSA projects.
  • Open-loop scrubber ban in certain countries – where is the industry at and is there a possible resolution in sight?
  • How have European owners and operators been affected by scrubber bans?
  • What have scrubber manufacturers response been to claims that scrubber wash water poses a threat to marine ecosystems?
  • What further work needs to be done to advance the acceptance of scrubbers?


10:10 Q&A


10:20 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area



Session speakers will provide a recent case study into a scrubber retrofit. Speakers will also address the demand for scrubber installations and the likelihood of a bottleneck occurring.


11:00 Case study: Retrofitting a scrubber system

This case study will look at a recent retrofit. Discussions will provide a comprehensive insight into: engineering considerations, crew training and field test results.


11:20 Q&A


11:30 Market analysis: The demand for scrubber installations

  • Understanding the demand for future scrubber installations.
  • What is the likelihood of a bottleneck occurring in Europe?
  • Should companies looking to install scrubbers be concerned?
  • What best practice measures can companies take to ensure a successful installation?


11:50 Q&A


12:00 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area sponsored by Primarine



Industry experts will provide an update on the latest work being done on alternative fuels. Speakers will address the strengths and weaknesses of each solution and will also provide an assessment of whether they feel these technologies will play a key role in helping the industry reach future environmental compliance targets.


13:10 Hydrocarbon-based solutions

  • LNG
  • LPG
  • Methanol
  • Biofuels


13:40 Q&A


13:50 Non hydrocarbon-based solutions

  • Ammonia
  • Hydrogen
  • Hybrid-electric
  • Fuel cells


14:20 Q&A


14:30 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area



The closing session will see a panel of industry leaders address the maritime air pollution challenge. Panellists will share their strategies for dealing with future environmental regulations. A key issue that will be addressed will be the financial burden placed on companies as they look to comply with upcoming emissions regulations.


15:10 Panel discussion: Preparing for upcoming regulations

  • How are companies in Europe preparing themselves for future industry regulations?
  • Are future emissions targets and deadlines realistic?
  • The cost of compliance – what will be the impact on companies’ finances?
  • What is the next big environmental challenge for the industry?


15:40 Q&A


15:50 Closing remarks from the conference chairman, Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


16:00 End of conference



Why Attend

Why Attend

Riviera’s Maritime Air Pollution Conference, Europe will cut to the heart of the key challenges facing the industry at this pivotal time.


Join 100+ industry professionals who are leading in compliance with IMO regulations and come away with the information and connections needed to make the right decisions for your business.

Attendees will include:

  • Vessel owners/operators/managers
  • Engine manufacturers
  • Ship designers and builders
  • Fuel and lubricant manufacturers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Regulators
  • Class societies
  • Industry service providers: brokers, traders, analysts, lawyers and consultants
  • Industry associations




Your exhibitor package includes the following:

  • 3 x 2m stand space
  • Table and chairs
  • Access to electricity
  • Entry on the delegate handbook printed floorplan
  • 2 x free delegate for each day you are exhibiting
  • Free upload of technical white paper on Riviera’s Maritime Knowledge Bank
  • A minimum of 3 networking sessions in the exhibition area

Exhibitors confirmed to date:
Chelsea Technologies Group
CR Ocean Engineering

Danfoss IXA
DESMI Pumping Technology
Liqtech International
Munters Euroform

If you are interested in exhibiting at the conference, please contact:

Tom Kenny, Brand Manager on tom.kenny@rivieramm.com or call +44 20 8370 7791.




A suitable venue for the event is being researched and will be added in due course. In the mean-time please contact Mirella Charter for further information.


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