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Maritime Air Pollution, Asia

11 November 2020 - 13 November 2020
14:00 - 19:00

RouteMAP for maritime industry green house gas emissions and air pollution reduction

On 1 January 2020, a once-in-a-generation regulatory change took place. This timely conference will bring vessel owners, operators and managers together to discuss their experience in complying with IMO regulations. Key players in the maritime supply chain will make invaluable contributions to discussions by sharing their experience with strategies that have worked and by identifying operational areas that need improving.

The programme will also address the latest developments in fuels, lubricants, two and four-stroke engines, scrubbers and alternative fuels. Over two days of high-level discussions, speakers will share regional case studies, market trends and and developments, and insights into the most pressing issues facing the industry.

The Maritime Air Pollution Conference series of events has been very successful in bringing together industry leaders for networking and constructive debate. This event will once again prove to be a vital meeting for the industry as it works towards compliance with current and future industry regulations.


Programme Highlights

  • Content-rich sessions across two days looking at:
    - IMO 2020 implementation: what has been the experience of shipowners and technology providers using compliance technologies?
    - Regulation update and new challenges facing the industry.
    - EGCSA update on scrubber technology and industry initiatives.
    - New low sulphur fuels and alternative fuels on the market.
    - Engine considerations when switching to new fuels.
    - Looking beyond Sulphur Cap 2020 – upcoming emissions regulations and the road to zero emissions.
  • A balanced programme which features keynotes, panel discussions, case studies, data and analysis, and product showcases.
  • Significant networking opportunities during coffee, lunch and cocktail reception.


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“Very pleasantly surprised by quality of speakers and attendees”
Nickel Institute

“Informative, social and important”
Yara Marine Technologies

“High level programme and content”

“Very informative, very well-organised event”
TECO Maritime Group

“Lots of technology and information”
Avantis Marine

“Interesting topics; learned a lot”
Sigrist Photometer

“Great content and presentations”
Interlake Steamship

“Informative and enjoyable”
Consilium Marine

“Great conference”

“Professional and informative”
Clean Air Engineering Maritime

Kym Tan - Head of Sales - Asia
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IMO 2020 - Are you ready?



08:30 Registration coffee and networking


09:30 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media

Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


09:35 Welcome address from platinum sponsor

Gianluca Marucci, Global Technical Services Director, Castrol


The opening session will set the scene by looking at the results of a recent study on the long-term implications of sulphur regulations. A panel of distinguished guests will highlight current and future regulatory challenges.


09:40 Opening exclusive: ‘Beyond the 2020 Sulphur Cap – the road to 2050’

Michael Herson, Managing Director, at The Strategy Works presents the results of a survey commissioned by Riviera Maritime Media looking at the impact, implications and implementation of the global sulphur cap, and how it fits into the long-range regulatory landscape.


10:10 Panel discussion: A cross-section of the shipping industry assesses the path to 2020, future regulation and the findings of The Strategy Works’ survey.

Michael Herson, Managing Director, The Strategy Works

Matthew Kenney, Global Business Development Manager, Chelsea Technologies

K Murali Pany, Managing Partner, Joseph Tan Jude Benny


10:40 Q&A


10:20 Industry study: Black carbon emissions

Shipping companies and fuel providers have been using new blends of fuels to meet IMO 2020 compliance requirements. However, recent research has suggested that new fuels could lead to an increase of the sector’s climate impacts. Results of a recent study in Europe found the new very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) used by ships contained more aromatic compounds which are causing a surge in black carbon emissions.


10:40 Q&A


10:50 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by Carnival


This session will look at the features and benefits of new low sulphur fuels and alternative fuels. Speakers will compare the various solutions by addressing quality and availability.


11:30 Navigating the world of fuels for 2020 and beyond

  • Fuel quality and Fuel testing considerations
  • 20/20 options and handling challenges
  • An insight of VLSFO (0.50% S fuel) quality

Md Harun Ar Rashid, Technical Manager, Veritas Petroleum Services

11:50 Q&A


11:55 Panel discussion: Low sulphur fuel oils – quality and availability

  • Fuel Oil: VLSFO.
  • Marine Gas Oil (MGO).
  • Marine distillate fuels.
  • Best practice guidelines for safety and handling when working with new fuels.

Samantha Leow, Commercial Fuels Regional Technical Manager, ExxonMobil

Olivier d’Olne, Technical Director, Aderco

Partha Das, Regional Operations Manager (Asia) – FOBAS, Lloyds Register

Takumi Yamamoto, Manager of Research Institute, ClassNK

12:25 Q&A


12:30 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area sponsored by International Paint

Sponsored presentation: Scrubber coatings recommendations
Tara Strunk, Regional Marketing Specialist for South Asia, International Paint


13:50 Panel discussion: A deep dive into alternative fuels – assessing the viability of the most promising solutions

This presentation will provide a comprehensive analysis of industry leading alternative fuels. Fuels that will be discussed will include: LNG, LPG, Biofuel, Methanol, Ethane, Hydrogen, Ammonia and innovative Power-to-X solutions.

Chris Chatterton, COO, Singapore, Methanol Institute (MI)

Soh Mei Yan, Business Manager, Client Relations and Business Development, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

Shahrin Osman, Regional Head of Maritime Advisory, South East Asia, Pacific & India, DNV GL Maritime




14:30 Powerful machine learning platform that lowers emissions by operating more efficiently GreenSteam can optimize vessels that use either noon reports or auto logging equipment on board and will give an insight into the fleetwide benefits of:

  • Optimizing trim with operation data
  • Detecting level of hull fouling
  • Speed optimization

Mathias Rasmussen, VP of Sale & Marketing, GreenSteam


14:20 Q&A


10:50 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by Carnival


This session will look at cylinder oil lubricants that are available specifically for use with engines running on low sulphur fuels. Speakers will highlight the ever-increasing importance of cylinder oil lubricants in protecting engines.


15:35 Panel discussion: Innovation in lubricants

  • Understanding how todays new lubricants is going further in protecting engines while increasing performance.
  • Mitigating the risk of acidic corrosion.
  • Analysing new lubricants for 2 and 4 stroke engines.

Eddie Chen, Regional Technical Manager (Asia Pacific), Shell

Laurent Chambard, Marine and Large Engines Technology Manager, Infineum

Gianluca Marucci, Global Technical Services Director, Castrol

Ramaswamy Visweswaran, Senior Territory Manager, ExxonMobil

16:05 Q&A


This session will address the fundamental engine considerations that need to be made when switching to new low sulphur fuels. Speakers will discuss 2 and 4 stroke engines for various maritime applications.


16:15 Engine considerations when switching to new fuels

  • How will engines cope with new fuels on the market?
  • Safely switching to new fuels – what is involved for 2 and 4 stroke engines?
  • What best practice measures are recommended to safeguard the condition and performance of engines.

Konrad Räss, Director Research & Development, Combustion System, WinGD


16:40 Erik Karlsen, Sales Manager, MAN Energy Solutions

16:55 Q&A


Insights from those tasked with implementing and paying for the changes brought about by IMO’s global sulphur legislation. How are shipowners, operators and managers responding when many are already under financial pressure, and with a pipeline of further environmental regulations ahead?

17:05 Panel discussion: Preparing for 2020 – challenges and opportunities

  • Dealing with technical and legal challenges.
  • Identifying commercial and environmental pitfalls.
  • Balancing regulation requirements and operating costs.
  • Choosing the option that is right for you: Low sulphur versus scrubber versus alternative fuels.
  • Managing crewing, training and safety challenges.

Tara Russell, SVP Global Impact, Carnival Corporation

Elfian Harun, Environment Manager and Assistant Regional Manager Asia-Pacific, INTERTANKO

Capt. Jagadeesan Natarajan, GM Operations, OMC Shipping

Michelle Yong, Partner, Stephenson Harwood LLP

17:45 Q&A


17:55 Chairman’s day one closing remarks


18:00 - 19:00 Drinks reception sponsored by Veritas Petroleum Services




08:30 Registration coffee and networking


09:30 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media

Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


09:35 Opening keynote address: Owner operator case study – why scrubbers is the right solution for our business

  • Why the decision matters.
    - Healthy oceans/planet [ environmental ] + shareholder value [ financial case ].
  • Landscape and context for consideration.
    - The key criteria to consider [ operational results, complexity (installation, maintenance, etc.), costs, training and service, risk factors, etc. ].
  • Carnival corporation’s 15+ year journey.
    - A thoughtful, time intensive, R&D heavy story of learning, progress, and strong results.
  • What’s ahead.

Tara Russell, SVP Global Impact, Carnival Corporation

17:45 Q&A


The potential to avoid costly compliant fuel makes scrubbers an appealing instrument. But there are challenges too. It is a complex calculation for shipowners in which better technology can tip the scale. The second day of the conference explores these issues in depth.


Session chair: Don Gregory, Director, EGCSA


10:05 Panel discussion: An exploration of the science and technology behind scrubbers

  • Why scrubbers are a viable option for many owners and operators.
  • Choosing between open loop and closed loop scrubber systems.
  • Insight into new scrubber systems – how do hybrid-scrubbers work?
  • Effect of discharge of wastewater in the sea – what have been the results from the latest studies?
  • EGCSA response to the recent banning of open loop scrubber systems.
  • Insight into upcoming projects and initiatives at the EGCSA.

Stian Aakre, General Manager, EGC Sales, Wartsila

Nicholas Confuorto, President & Chief Operations Officer, CR Ocean Engineering

Eirik Dahlberg, General Manager Singapore, Clean Marine

Linus Gassmann, Proposal Management, Technologies, Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies


10:55 Q&A


11:05 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by Panasia


11:45 Understanding the key role of scrubber pumps

  • Operations experiences EGC-pump systems in service.
  • The importance of pump hydraulic – system balance in multiple ship duty operations.
  • Pump material constructions – pump installation, piping & fitting achieving optimal L.C.C.

Diego Szilagyi, Area Sales Manager, DESMI Group


12:00 Q&A


12:05 Dry exhaust gas cleaning system for removal of particles and SOx

René Schöberl, Sales & Proposal Manager, ANDRITZ

Dr. Thomas Bauer, Global Project Director SOLVAir Marine, Solvay Chemicals International


12:20 Q&A


Installing scrubbers on existing ships is particularly challenging given the constraints of space and weight, as well as finding engineering experience and shipyard slots to make the changes. This session identifies the key concerns and highlights some solutions.


12:25 Panel discussion: Retrofit challenges when installing scrubbers on existing vessels

  • Vessel structure - the availability of space affects the type of exhaust gas scrubbers you install.
  • Vessel age and size – there is less payback time with older vessels.
  • Vessel type - high profile public vessels, particularly cruise and passenger ships, are scrutinized more heavily than others for green credentials.
  • Different types of scrubbers – considerations that need to be made when looking at open loop, closed loop and hybrid scrubber systems.

Ken McClelland, Technical Director, Pacific Green Technologies

Yao Yuxiang, Senior Area Sales Manager, Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute (SMDERI)

Göran Fransson, Commercial Director, Baltec Marine - Trident Maritime Systems

12:55 Q&A


13:05 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area sponsored by International Paint

13:50 Retrofit case study: Owner/Operator experience with a retrofit project and operating a scrubber system

This case study will look at a recent retrofit project. The owner/operator will share their hands-on experience and lessons learnt with the retrofit and operation of a scrubber system.

James Seungha Han, Team Leader, Panasia

14:30 Q&A


14:40 Closed-loop chemicals supply & scrubber waste collection

  • Choice of alkali.
  • Pros & cons and supply chain challenges.
  • Consumption & budgeting.
  • Scrubber waste management.

Pierre-Alexis Mosnier, Business Development & Marine Operations, Mareneco

15:00 Q&A


15:05 Panel discussion: Scrubber emissions monitoring systems

This discussion will look at systems available for monitoring emissions when using scrubbers. Speakers will highlight the importance of monitoring, regulations you need to be mindful of and installation strategies.

Magnus Thorén, Global Sales Manager CEMS, Consilium Marine & Safety

Matthew Kenney, Global Business Development Manager, Chelsea Technologies

Martin Back, Marine Product Manager, Norsk Analyse Group

15:35 Q&A


15:45 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by Panasia


The closing session will see industry leaders address the ongoing emissions challenge. Speakers will discuss how they are preparing for future emissions regulations and why zero emissions technologies are important for the environment and the maritime industry.


16:25 Industry leaders panel discussion: Meeting the maritime emissions challenge – Sulphur Cap 2020 and beyond

  • How scrubbers, LNG and low sulphur fuels each played a key role in compliance.
  • Looking beyond Sulphur Cap 2020 – upcoming emissions regulations and the road to zero emissions.
  • Complying with emissions regulations while managing costs.

K Murali Pany, Managing Partner, Joseph Tan Jude Benny

Caroline Yang, Chief Executive, Hong Lam Marine

Shahrin Osman, Regional Head of Maritime Advisory, South East Asia, Pacific & India, DNV GL Maritime

Ian Adams, Executive Director, Clean Shipping Alliance 2020

16:55 Q&A


17:05 Closing remarks from the conference chairman
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


17:10 End of conference


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Why Attend

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Why attend

The Maritime Air Pollution Conference, Asia will cut to the heart of the key challenges facing the industry at this pivotal time.


Join 100+ industry professionals who are leading in compliance with IMO regulations and come away with the information and connections needed to make the right decisions for your business.

Attendees will include:

  • Vessel owners/operators/managers
  • Engine manufacturers
  • Ship designers and builders
  • Fuel and lubricant manufacturers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Regulators
  • Class societies
  • Industry service providers: brokers, traders, analysts, lawyers and consultants
  • Industry associations
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Your exhibitor package includes the following:

  • 3 x 2m stand space
  • Table and chairs
  • Access to electricity
  • Entry on the delegate handbook printed floorplan
  • 2 x free delegate for each day you are exhibiting
  • Free upload of technical white paper on Riviera’s Maritime Knowledge Bank
  • A minimum of 3 networking sessions in the exhibition area
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