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Maritime Hybrid & Electric Conference, Singapore

01 February 2021 - 02 February 2021
09:00 - 17:30

COVID-19: Maritime Hybrid & Electric Conference, Singapore has been postponed to February 2021 following guidance and direction provided by the Singaporean government, regional health authority and the World Health Organisation (WHO). Please contact kym.tan@rivieramm.com with any queries about the event.


Further COVID-19 information and additional booking terms to help during this period can be found here.

Achieving significant reductions in fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions

In recent years the maritime industry has seen an increasing interest in the development of hybrid-electric vessels. Vessel owners and operators have started exploring the full potential of electric propulsion and how the technology could save fuel, lower emissions and reduce maintenance costs.

This two-day conference will provide attendees with a solid understanding of the technologies involved and how vessel owners and operators can benefit from its use in a number of maritime applications. Discussions will focus on how Asia is currently making inroads into developing and using hybrid-electric technologies.

Riviera has led the maritime industry by being one of the very first organisations to launch a maritime hybrid-electric conference in Bergen Norway in September of 2019. Riviera will now bring its experience to Asia where companies will benefit significantly from the case studies and the technical content that has already proven to be a great success.

Early bird rate - S$2200
Ends 9 December 2020

Standard delegate rate - S$2400

Please see below the highlights video from our September 2019 conference in Bergen, Norway.


Programme Highlights:

  • The potential of hybrid and electric power as clean energy and in creating a green footprint.
  • How big is the hybrid and electric market?
  • China is a big player in providing competitively priced solutions – how are they forging ahead?
  • How is Europe leading the world with its green initiatives?
  • How are hybrid and electric technologies being regulated?
  • Hydrogen fuel cells versus lithium-ion batteries.
  • How can hybrid and electric solutions be used for various types of vessels and maritime applications.
  • Energy density considerations and analysis.
  • How do you go about replacing auxiliary engines with a battery solution?
  • Assessing the number of battery packs required over the life-cycle of a vessel.
  • The price of batteries and how manufacturers are looking to reduce costs.
  • Vessel layout and engine room – design and engineering considerations for hybrid and electric vessels.
  • Managing risks and ensuring safety.
  • Can hybrid systems and batteries achieve zero emissions shipping?

This conference will demystify how hybrid and electric technologies benefits maritime operations. Industry leaders will make transparent the costs involved and the efficiencies that are realistically attainable.


“Very Interesting.”
Helge Hagerup, The Fjords

“Very informative - good range of speakers.”
Iain Doran, UK MOD

“Interesting and explanatory.”
Francesco Morvillo, MSC Cruises

“Interesting and convincing conference.”
Ǻge Dahl-Olsen, Blueday Technology

“Very insightful to get up to date with latest developments and connect to the right people.”
Aristos Philis, Lemissoler Navigation

“Great information on the indsutry’s perspective on this matter"
Gunnar Solvag, Fagskulen S&F

“Good chance to keep up to date on these topics.”
Antonio Retti, Fincantieri Cantieri Navali Italini

“Releveant topics in a re;levant geographical spot.”
Stein Ruben Larsen, Norweigan Electric Systems

“Very good speakers and topics.”
Asbjorn Halsebakke, The Switch

“Very informative.”
Michael North, Aspin Kemp & Associates

“Well Organised.”
Peter Van Den Berg, KWX

Advisory Panel

Pradeep Datar
Vice President - Asia
Corvus Energy

Johan Burgren

Business Manager-Marine Fuel Cell Systems



Kym Tan - Head of Sales - Asia
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Supporting Organisations

All Speakers

Senior Representative

Senior Representative

Amitabh Rastogi

Amitabh Rastogi

General Manager
Centennial Maritime Ventures
Pradeep Datar

Pradeep Datar

Vice President - Asia
Corvus Energy
Erno Tenhunen

Erno Tenhunen

Director Marine
Danfoss Editron
Shengwei Wu

Shengwei Wu

Senior Consultant
DNV GL - Maritime
Tan Wee How

Tan Wee How

Group Managing Director
Evolution Concepts
Sobhith K H

Sobhith K H

Team Lead - Engineering Systems, Gas Technology Specialist
Lloyd's Register
Chris Chatterton

Chris Chatterton

Methanol Institute
Bernard Wong

Bernard Wong

Head of Fleet Management
PSA Marine
Senior Representative

Senior Representative

Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute (SMDERI)
Sanjay Chittarajan Kuttan

Sanjay Chittarajan Kuttan

Executive Director
Singapore Maritime Institute
Kian Chai Tan

Kian Chai Tan

Technical Support Manager
Teekay Tankers
Harald Tillung

Harald Tillung

Business Development Manager
Raymond Tian Hao

Raymond Tian Hao

Managing Director
West Marine Engineering
Derek Thomas

Derek Thomas

WindandSea Research

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Silver Sponsors

Supporting Organisations


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Achieving significant reductions in fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions




Registration, coffee and networking


09:30 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


09:35 Platinum sponsor welcome


Hybrid and electric systems are set to play a key role in the future of maritime power and propulsion. Speakers will discuss how a green footprint can be achieved, the latest market data and industry regulations.


09:40 Keynote: Maritime decarbonisation imperative: technology and business innovation

Burning platform: Climate change and potential for impact.
Megatrends and convergence.
Managing a heterogenous use case landscape.
Implementation challenges and innovation opportunities.

Dr Sanjay C Kuttan, Executive Director, Singapore Maritime Institute


10:00 Q&A

10:10 Norway’s Green Shipping Programme – lessons learnt for Asia and the rest of the world


10:30 Q&A


10:40 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area


11:20 Market Data - Understanding the demand for hybrid-electric vessels in Asia?


11:40 Q&A


The leading battery and fuel cell manufacturers will update the conference on their latest projects, technologies and lessons learnt. Delegates will have the opportunity to get answers to the most pressing questions they have and gain insight into the latest field data.


11:50 Case study: Lessons learnt from multiple installations
• Recent projects.
• New factory update - what new innovations can we expect to see in the future?
• How can Asia learn from the early adopters of hybrid-electric solutions?

Best practice strategies to ensure safety.

Pradeep Datar, Vice President - Asia, Corvus Energy, Singapore


12:10 Q&A


12:20 Understanding the potential of modular and scalable marine battery systems

Senior Representative, Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute (SMDERI)


12:40 Q&A


12:50 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area sponsored by Evolution Concepts


This session will look at how clean hydrogen can be sourced, stored and transported. Fuel cell manufacturers will discuss how their latest solutions benefit vessel owners and operators.


14:00 Design optimisation: managing risk when using hydrogen storage and fuel cell systems

  • Update on Regulatory aspects on Hydrogen’s usage as fuel onboard
  • Discussion on key considerations with the application of Hydrogen as fuel in comparison with other low flash point fuels.
  • Overview of major risks associated with Hydrogen bunkering, storage, consumption and implications on vessel design
  • Hydrogen storage - Application of Risk Based Design in optimal management of the associated risks along with a Case Study Discussion

Sobhith Komalavally Hariharan, Team Lead - Engineering Systems, Gas Technology Specialist, Lloyd’s Register



14:30 Renewable hydrogen hubs
Derek Thomas, Chairman, WindandSea Research



15:00 Methanol fuel cell hybrid applications for auxiliary power

Methanol as an efficient energy carrier

Methanol reforming fuel cells

Methanol fuel cell marine applications


Christopher D. Chatterton, COO, Methanol Institute (MI)


15:30 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area


The leading engine manufacturers and systems integrators will discuss their latest solutions for hybrid and electric power and propulsion. A key takeaway for delegates will be how various maritime vessels can benefit from hybrid and electric solutions.


16:10 Say HY to the future

Why hybrid.
Hybrid in an integrated system.
Hybrid in different type of vessels.
Hybrid in future fuel alternatives.


Harald Tillung, Business Development Manager, Wärtsilä



16:40 Case Study on how hybrid and electric solutions could be used for the next generation of AHTS from the design perspective

Presentation will present a case study on how a hybrid AHTS with only < 3800 BHP could do what a typical 5150 BHP normally do.

Various Operation profile of the hybrid AHTS will be shown to see how it could fulfil the operation requirement and yet achieve fuel efficiency in all modes of operation.

Fuel consumption saving is achieved especially when on safety standby at rig.

With Hybrid AHTS, even with one main engine down, operation is not hindered and could be completed safely. In the worst-case scenario with two main engines down, vessel is not crippled and could still sail to port safely.


Tan Wee How, Group Managing Director, Evolution Concepts


17:00 Q&A



Industry leaders will address the business case for hybrid and electric solutions. Early investors will share why they chose hybrid electric systems and the benefits they intend to derive from these innovative technologies.


17:10 Keynote panel discussion: The business case for hybrid and electric systems in Asia
• Understanding the key benefits of hybrid and electric systems.
• Breaking down the costs involved for owners and operators.
• Newbuild versus retrofits – factors to consider when making investment decisions.
• Lifecycle management of hybrid and electric vessels.
• Owners and operator’s insights: key business drivers behind investments into hybrid and electric systems.

Panellists include:

Bernard Wong, Head of Fleet Management, PSA Marine
Kian Chai Tan, Technical Support Manager, Teekay Tankers
Amitabh Rastogi, General Manager, Centennial Maritime Ventures
Raymond Tian, Managing Director, West Marine Engineering


17:40 Q&A

17:50 Closing remarks from the chairman

18:00 End of day one


Registration, networking and coffee


09.30 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


Understanding the crewing requirements and safety challenges when operating hybrid-electric vessels.


09:40 Dealing with fire risks on vessels


10:10 Understanding and managing key operational risks

10:30 Q&A

10:40 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area


This session will feature case studies where users will share their hands-on experience with hybrid electric technologies.


11:20 Case study: Experience with battery hybrid application

Senior Representative, American Bureau of Shipping, (ABS)


11:40 Q&A


11:50 Electric and hybrid solutions for autonomous vessels
• Hybrid power plant and propulsion systems for unmanned vessels.
• Optimising the design of power plants by creating different operation modes and using data from predicted routes and operations.
• Incorporating flexible electrical systems into vessel design.

• Integrating electrical equipment into a vessel rather than building space-consuming electrical rooms.

• Combining technology robustness with high reliability.

Erno Tenhunen, Director Marine, Danfoss Editron


12:10 Q&A


12:20 Case study on short sea shipping: Battery hybrid application for bunkering vessels

• Suitable battery hybrid system configuration.

Fuel savings and emission reduction.

Capex and payback period of a conventional system vs a battery hybrid system.

Shengwei Wu, Senior Consultant, Maritime Advisory, DNV GL - Maritime


12:40 Q&A


12:50 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area sponsored by ABS


14:00 Engineering considerations: vessel layout and weight management


14:20 Q&A


14:30 Lessons learnt from Asia’s first hybrid-electric ferry


14:50 Q&A


This key discussion will look at the next steps that need to be taken in order to advance the commercial uptake of hybrid-electric and hydrogen fuel cell technologies in Asia.


15:00 Panel discussion: What needs to be done to further advance utilisation in Asia?
• Changes in regulation.
• Funding for research and development projects.
• Raising the profile of hybrid-electric technologies as a commercially viable solution.


Panellists include:

Senior Representative, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

Shengwei Wu, Senior Consultant, Maritime Advisory, DNV GL - Maritime

Erno Tenhunen, Director Marine, Danfoss Editron

Tan Wee How, Group Managing Director, Evolution Concepts


15:40 Q&A


15:50 Chairman’s closing remarks

16:00 End of conference


* Programme subject to changes/amendments

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Why attend

  • The event is presented by Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery - first published in 1979 it is the sector’s undisputed leader.
  • Eight content-rich sessions across two days looking at:
  • Industry trends and developments.
  • Innovations in battery technologies.
  • Innovations in hydrogen fuel cell technologies.
  • System integration – what is involved?
  • The business case for hybrid and electric systems in Asia.
  • Managing crew safety and operational risks.
  • Case studies and user experiences from Asian and international companies.
  • Industry leaders panel discussion: The future outlook – how can Asia advance adoption of hybrid-electric technologies?
  • A balanced programme which features keynotes, data and analysis, panel discussions, interviews, case studies and product showcases.
  • An exhibition showcasing industry leading technologies.
  • Significant networking opportunities.

Attendees will include:

  • Battery manufacturers
  • Fuel cell manufacturers
  • Engine manufacturers
  • Systems integrators
  • Naval architects
  • Vessel owners and operators
  • Industry associations
  • Classifications societies
  • Analysts and consultants
  • Technology suppliers


Who’s attending ...

Shipowners & Operators

Centennial Maritime Ventures

Marina Offshore

PSA Marine


Other companies in attendance


Corvus Energy

Danfoss Editron

DNV GL - Maritime

Evolution Concepts

Lloyd’s Register

Methanol Institute

Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute

Singapore Maritime Institute

WindandSea Research


West Marine Engineering



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Your exhibitor package includes the following:

  • 3 x 2m stand space
  • Table and chairs
  • Access to electricity
  • Entry on the delegate handbook printed floorplan
  • 1 x free delegate for each day you are exhibiting
  • Free upload of technical white paper on Riviera’s Maritime Knowledge Bank
  • A minimum of 3 networking sessions in the exhibition area

Confirmed exhibitors to date:

West Marine Engineering

If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact:

Kym Tan - Head of Sales - Asia, on kym.tan@rivieramm.com or call +65 6809 1278

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