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Optimised Ship Forum, Oslo

25 August 2020
09:00 - 18:00

Identifying and Implementing Optimum Solutions for Ship Operational Efficiency

Following industry feedback and thesuccess of the initial forums in 2019 Riviera Maritime Media’s ‘Optimised Ship’ series of forums for 2020 will be taking place in key maritime centres across the globe.

As shipping companies and ship management companies see the true value behind the data they have, and the data they could potentially get, they will continue to invest in digitalisation. Certain processes will be facilitated through digitalisation, and future decisions will be taken on a much more profound information basis.

It is not an easy journey, but does have financial, commercial and operational benefits.

Shipping companies need this technology to meet hardening IMO expectations on emissions reductions. Digitalisation should certainly get the industry halfway to cutting carbon emissions by 50%.

Hear from the IMO, BIMCO, ship owners and class societies as they deliver their vision and recommendations in Maritime 2050.

The Optimised Ship Forum is key for ship owners to make better decisions when looking at improving their ship performance and operational efficiency. It aims to bring together the maritime sector and navigate change by providing insight into how to use digitalisation technology to optimise ship operations.

Early bird rate - NOK 7000kr
Ends 14 July 2020

Standard delegate rate - NOK 7695kr


Discussion points

  • How to use regulatory frameworks to facilitate smart shipping and autonomy?
  • How are IMO 2050 regulations addressing energy efficiency and GHG emissions?
  • Does the C-suite level understand the true value of accessing and analysing data?
  • What are the benefits of IoT applications and real-time vessel monitoring?
  • Operational efficiency in ports from the ships’ perspective
  • What methods and monitoring solutions to consider for improving operational efficiency?


“Very interactive sessions, good presentation and topics.”
Tero Marine

“Very informative.”
BP Ships

“Excellent exchange workshop.”
MSC Cruise Management

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Silver Sponsor:


Paul Skinner - Commercial Manager
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Identifying and implementing optimum solutions for ship operational efficiency


08.30 Registration, coffee and networking


09.00 Chairman’s welcome address

Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


09.05 Welcome address from Platinum Sponsor


09.10 Keynote: Norway’s action plan for green shipping

  • Developing a sustainable shipping sector for the 21st century. Finding cost effective ways of carrying out the transformation process.
  • Strengthening the Norwegian maritime industry and playing a part in global technological developments.
  • Autonomous vessels, energy efficiency improvements and optimising operations for positive climate and environmental effects.


Data and analytics are disrupting the existing maritime business models and ecosystems. This session covers how big data migration capabilities help better strategic decision-making, high operational efficiency and robust profit and revenue levels.


09.30 IoT for fleet performance. How is the cloud delivering business benefits?

  • How to calculate the true return on investment.
  • Enabling improved vessel and performance monitoring to access vessel management systems remotely.
  • How to turn data into actionable analytics data-driven technology.
  • Setting fleet key performance indicators: key to real and accurate goal measurement.

09.50 Keeping ships connected, efficient and safe at sea

  • Stable and reliable connections for better ship-to-shore communications and robust back-up systems.
  • Accessing asset tracking and monitoring data, enhancing safety, efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards.
  • How to reduce the high cost of capturing quality data from vessels.

10.10 Q&A


10.30 Networking coffee break


This case study session looks at energy efficient ship operations. How optimised ship operation combined with supporting technologies contributes to a reduction of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


11.10 A practical and cost-effective approach to green shipping

  • What operational efficiency should be adopted to decrease fuel consumption, reduce emissions and improve your company competitiveness?
  • How detailed consideration of vessel operation and design is key to providing an optimum solution.
  • Optimise your data handling on board and ashore.
  • Customise your transferred data volume via real-time data analyses and virtual decision support.

Tor Øyvind Ask, Fleet Director, Solvang Shipping


11.30 Benchmarks and measures for better voyage efficiency

  • How to maximise ship route-planning, including safety, efficiency, navigation, port rotation, ETAs, speed ranges and seakeeping.
  • How much fuel can be saved and where can vessel efficiency be improved?
  • Developing the best route for a ship based on weather forecasts, ship characteristics and cargo requirements.

11.50 Energy efficient operation by trim and draft optimisation

  • Monitoring real-life data from vessels to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.
  • How trim and draft adjustments can lead to significant fuel savings.
  • What is the best approach to balancing the cost and benefit of these crucial technologies?

12.10 Networking lunch


This session, in the format of case studies, looks at ship efficiency and management and the four major factors it depends on: design, deployment, operations and maintenance.


13.20 Using predictive analytics to optimise asset maintenance

  • Combining data and technology, developing predictive models with high accuracy.
  • How predictive and prescriptive analytics is changing the way of addressing maintenance and operations.
  • How cognitive analytics allows shipowners and operators to intelligently plan major maintenance periods, adjust spare parts and consumables inventories and longer-term maintenance needs.
  • What tools enable stronger control over maintenance?

13.40 Optimising engine and auxiliary machinery efficiency

  • Optimising pump and fan speed to current conditions and saving fuel.
  • Testing engine condition and efficiency.
  • Monitoring engine control parameters: performance and flow management solutions with control valves, actuators and positioners.
  • Extend equipment life and minimise downtime with ventilation, monitoring and cooling systems to reduce fuel consumption.

14.00 Optimisation of hull and propeller design

  • Innovative propulsion and hull resistance reduction techniques to reduce energy consumption and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Monitoring hull and propeller performance, combined with proven quality hull coatings, to increase operational efficiency and save money.
  • Measuring hull and propeller performance before and after new coating applications to calculate RoI for owners and operators.

14.20 Q&A


14.40 Networking coffee break


15.10 Roundtable discussions

This session provides an opportunity for participants to have meaningful conversations, connect and learn from their peers and engage in focused discussions to come up with collective solutions. Choose from a selection of key case study roundtables, hosted and moderated by topic experts and industry leaders:

  • The impact of weather on voyages.
  • Propeller-hull system optimisation.
  • Hull coatings for vessel performance
  • Container ship stowage constraints.
  • Ship trimming and draft for optimal performance.
  • Speed management and scheduling.
  • Improving ship operational design.
  • Simplifying maritime control room operations.

15.50 Roundtable summaries, remarks and conclusion


Shipowners can only do so much to improve efficiency, but the workforce both ashore and offshore needs to act accordingly and use all tools on board for vessel optimisation and planning. This panel discussion focuses on the human element of digital transformation.


16.05 Panel discussion

  • How the human element affects operational efficiency of the vessel and how to measure its efficiency.
  • Does regulation need to move faster to remain relevant and not inhibit technological advancement?
  • The need for vendors to collaborate on a common data infrastructure for the maritime sector.
  • Digital transformation must go hand in hand with cyber risk management.
  • Data sharing is vital for a digital culture in shipping.


17.00 Chairman’s closing remarks and conference close


*Programme subject to changes/amendments

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Why Attend

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Why attend


As vessels are becoming more complex, with an increasing number of variables to consider and a flood of data from onboard systems, Riviera Maritime Media’s Optimised Ship Forum delivers the practical insights shipowners and ship management companies need to drive forward vessel efficiency and performance management.

  • What are the benefits of smart energy efficiency management?
  • How can KPI measurement points be determined before starting the data collection process?
  • What is the anticipated fleet saving from the control room, and over what timeframe?
  • Will the ships’ lifecycle shorten to allow newer technologies to be implemented?
  • Measuring purchasing performance or optimising vessel performance?

Riviera Maritime Media’s Optimised Ship Forum is a new global series of events that will cut through the noise and hype to offer real insights on vessel optimisation through marine propulsion and auxiliary machinery, energy management, e-navigation, predictive maintenance, training, vessel design and maritime digitalisation and communications.


The Optimised Ship Forum series brings together the maritime supply chain for open dialogue, intelligence gathering, networking and business on different aspects of vessel optimisation.

  • Identify best practices and operational efficiency trends
  • Discover which technologies do and don’t deliver on vessel performance
  • Explore with your peers the challenges, concerns and issues associated with monitoring performance
  • Come away with answers and the ability for enhanced ship operations decision-making
  • Learn from data and fleet performance case studies and success stories
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Partnering with the OSF Forums represent an unrivalled opportunity to engage with your target audience in a focused setting


Whether your goals are to:

  • Increase your market share

  • Meet new and existing customers

  • Launch a new product or service

  • Increase your brand awareness

  • Penetrate a new market sector

  • Enforce and maintain position in sector

  • Deliver your message in a focused environment

Partnering with the OSF Forums offers you an excellent platform to foster crucial senior-level contacts and relationships.


A broad range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities means that we have the package to suit your needs and your budget.


If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the Optimised Ship Forum, please contact:


Paul Skinner, Commercial Manager

T: +44 (0) 20 8370 7006

M: +44 (0)7388 187968

E: paul.skinner@rivieramm.com


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Whether your goals are to:

• Increase your market share

• Meet new and existing customers

• Launch a new product or service

• Increase your brand awareness

• Penetrate a new market sector

• Enforce and maintain position in sector

• Deliver your message in a focused environment


Partnering with the OSF Forums offers you an excellent platform to foster crucial senior-level contacts and relationships.


If you are interested in exhibiting at the Optimised Ship Forum, please contact:


Paul Skinner
Commercial Manager
Riviera Maritime Media Ltd

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8370 7006

Mob:+44 (0) 7388 187968

E: paul.skinner@rivieramm.com

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A suitable venue for the event is being researched and will be added in due course. In the mean-time please contact Mirella Charter for further information.

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