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Marine Lubricants Webinar Week

09:00 - 14:45

Be sure to join us for Marine Lubricants Webinar Week

Beginning Monday 23 November, we will be holding a series of daily webinars, meticulously researched and organised to address marine lubricants with the maritime professionals you want to hear from. The webinars are designed to strike the right balance between transmission of key information and interaction with the expert panel assembled.



Our discussions are focused, cover the advertised subjects, and deliver registrants actionable insights.


Should you wish to join one of our expert panels please contact Rob Gore.


Please join us for any or all of the following:


Bio-lubricants for marine vessels and auxiliary equipment: a better return on investment

Date: Monday 23 November - Time: 09:00-09:45 GMT

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Bio-lubricants can offer more advanced lubricant technology than petroleum derived alternatives as well as offering regulatory compliance, environmental and sustainability advantages. Bio-lubricants can also offer a better through life cost than their petroleum derived substitutes. Decades of experience point to a lower cost of ownership because of the advanced technology engineered into these offerings. This webinar will assess these findings and consider whether bio-lubricants are ready for mainstream use.

Join us as we cover

  • Just how feasible bio-lubricants are for the maritime industry

  • What are the different types of bio-lubricants

  • Why does it matter to the maritime industry

  • How can the return on investment be maximised

Mark Miller, CEO, Biosynthetic Technologies
Kevin Duncan, Market Applications Specialist - Energy Technologies, Croda Europe
Don Gregory, Technical Director, Gulf Oil Marine
Ian Nielsen, Strategic Account Representative, RSC Bio Solutions


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Optimum lubrication. Optimum auxiliary machinery performance

Date: Tuesday 24 November - Time: 09:00-09:45 GMT

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Lubricants are a sizeable component of any vessel’s budget yet most vessels in service are not optimally lubricated, accelerating machinery wear and increasing drydocking costs. This webinar will discuss ways to mitigate these impacts.

Join us as we cover

  • Know your lubricants: hydraulic fluids, gear oils, stern tube lubricant, greases, speciality
  • Base oil and additive technologies
  • Mineral-based oil versus synthetics
  • What to do if your lubricant is deteriorating: contamination and filtering
  • Lubricant cost versus value: balancing budgetary and operational requirements

Kim Kjær, Global Segment Manager - Marine/Offshore, C.C. Jensen

Phil Cumberlidge, Business Development Manager, Panolin Greenmarine Lubricants, Panolin International
Dirk Hoek, Sr. Lubricant Technical Advisor, Shell Marine


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Oil condition monitoring: the answer to marine lubricant stress?

Date: Wednesday 25 November - Time: 09:00-09:45 GMT

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Changes in trade patterns, fuel availability and a new generation of engines means marine lubricants must cope with a new and wider range of stresses. This webinar will investigate whether current oil condition monitoring is up-to-the-job and what the next generation of oil condition monitoring offers.

Join us as we cover

  • The increasing importance of oil condition monitoring
  • Striking the right balance between online and onboard inspection and analysis
  • Whether current oil condition monitoring prolongs lubricant life and reduces consumption
  • Which analyses can be automated online and reported instantly via satellite?

Morten Henneberg, Head of Innovation & Validation, C.C. Jensen
Rik Truijens, Technical Field Specialist, Marine Lubricants, Chevron Marine Lubricants

Joseph Star, Global Aviation and Marine Offer Advisor, ExxonMobil
Steen Lykke Pedersen, Head of Dry Docking and Maintenance Strategies, Maersk Supply Service


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Business breakthroughs with digital transformation: becoming more agile and innovative

Date: Friday 27 November - Time: 14:00-14:45 GMT

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Both buyers and suppliers of marine lubricants are starting to see a shift in the role of digital technology. So how do organisations achieve maximum value when implementing technologies to improve efficiency and increased returns whilst also avoiding death by digital?

Join us as we cover

  • Reducing complexity and doing less with more

  • Improving business efficiency using data management

  • Avoiding a siloed approach to digital

Grant Norton, Partnership Director, Bulugo
Deanna MacDonald, Co-founder & Board Member, BunkerTrace
Javier Garcia-Plata, Marketplace Development Manager, ShipServ


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Rob Gore - Project Lead
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Webinar details:

A confirmation email will be sent after registration. A reminder will be sent with your access details no later than 72 hours before the events date and a further reminder will be sent 1 hour before the webinar is due to begin.

  • During the webinar the identity of the attendees is confidential
  • All attendees join the webinar with their microphone off
  • We encourage questions to be sent during the webinar, the Moderator will raise these to the expert presenters
  • A recording of the Webinar will be accessible at www.rivieramm.com/webinar-library following the live event taking place.

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