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Optimised Ship Forum London 2019

10 December 2019
09:00 - 18:00

Identifying and Implementing Optimum Solutions for Ship Operational Efficiency

As shipping companies and ship management companies see the true value behind the data they have, and the data they could potentially get, they will continue to invest in digitalisation. Certain processes will be facilitated through digitalisation, and future decisions will be taken on a much more profound information basis.

It is not an easy journey, but does have financial, commercial and operational benefits.

Shipping companies need this technology to meet hardening IMO expectations on emissions reductions. Digitalisation should certainly get the industry halfway to cutting carbon emissions by 50%.

Hear from the IMO, BIMCO, ship owners and class societies as they deliver their vision and recommendations in Maritime 2050.

The Optimised Ship Forum is key for ship owners to make better decisions when looking at improving their ship performance and operational efficiency. It aims to bring together the maritime sector and navigate change by providing insight into how to use digitalisation technology to optimise ship operations.

Discussion points

  • How to use regulatory frameworks to facilitate smart shipping and autonomy?
  • How are IMO 2050 regulations addressing energy efficiency and GHG emissions?
  • Does the C-suite level understand the true value of accessing and analysing data?
  • What are the benefits of IoT applications and real-time vessel monitoring?
  • Operational efficiency in ports from the ships’ perspective
  • What methods and monitoring solutions to consider for improving operational efficiency?

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Paul Skinner - Commercial Manager
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All speakers

Fionna Gavin
John Calleya
Technical officer for marine environment division
International Maritime Organisation
Martin Dixon
Director – Head of Research Products

Aron Frank Sørensen
Head of Maritime Technology and Regulation
Tobias Gröger
Principal Consultant Fleet Performance Management
StormGeo in co-operation
with DNV GL
Mark O’Neil
Columbia Shipmanagement

Ivana Melillo
Fleet Performance Manager
d’Amico Group
Leni Larsen Marøen
Kongsberg Digital
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Partnering with the OSF Forums represent an unrivalled opportunity to engage with your target audience in a focused setting


Whether your goals are to:

  • Increase your market share

  • Meet new and existing customers

  • Launch a new product or service

  • Increase your brand awareness

  • Penetrate a new market sector

  • Enforce and maintain position in sector

  • Deliver your message in a focused environment

Partnering with the OSF Forums offers you an excellent platform to foster crucial senior-level contacts and relationships.


A broad range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities means that we have the package to suit your needs and your budget.


If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the Optimised Ship Forum, please contact:


Paul Skinner, Commercial Manager

T: +44 (0) 20 8370 7006

M: +44 (0)7388 187968

E: paul.skinner@rivieramm.com

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Implementing digitalisation solutions for maximum benefit

Registration, coffee and networking

09:15 Welcome address from the host partner
Fionna Gavin, Partner, Ince

Value is regarded as a better indication of quality than cost, although cost can be quantified while value cannot. Maritime 4.0 will enable enormous gains to be achieved in the operational efficiency of commercial shipping. This introductory session looks at the opportunities and challenges these massive data sets are creating, en route to achieving optimised ship operations.

09:30 The regulatory framework driving operational efficiency
• The EU MRV
Fionna Gavin, Partner, Ince

09:50 Update on IMO regulations to address energy efficiency and GHG emissions
The fuel consumption database and EEDI.
The initial greenhouse gas strategy.
John Calleya, Technical officer for marine environment division, International Maritime Organization

10:10 Trends and outlook for vessel operating costs
• What are the developments in ship opex for each of the main cost heads?
• What is the outlook for vessel opex over the next five years?
• What factors are most likely to influence the development of opex over the next few years?
Martin Dixon, Director - Head of Research Products, Drewry

10.30 Q&A

11.00 Networking coffee break

As the leap in communications and connectivity technology enables the digitalisation of shipping, this session will address the rapidly expanding demand for flexible data connectivity along with the ability to support modern vessel operations, ship monitoring and management.

11:30 Operational efficiency in ports
The reduction in time spent waiting at a congested port resulting from reduction in speed reduces a ship’s fuel consumption, consequently generating financial gains for operators (and charterers) and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
• Adjusting ship’s speed to meet a predetermined arrival time for emissions’ management.
• Operational efficiency from the ships’ perspective.
• Smarter communication and reducing port congestion.
• Alignment of data models and transfer of data between ship and shore.

Aron Frank Sorensen, Head of Maritime Technology and Regulation, BIMCO

11:50 Increasing insights- A more effective way of utilizing existing data
With more and more (big) data being available for analytics ashore, the challenge remains in making the best use out of it while addressing the needs of an individual end-user.
• The relevance of the initial situation end-user.
• How the integration of different data streams adds value.
• Providing insights beyond the standard.
Tobias Gröger, Principal Consultant Fleet Performance Management, StormGeo in cooperation with DNV GL

12:10 Control Room with a view: Connect, Command, Centralise Harnessing digitalisation and technology for centralised fleet management and optimised vessel operation
• Crew performance optimisation: rotation, training & safety, incident avoidance.
• Vessel performance optimisation: speed, fuel management.
• Voyage optimisation: weather routing, port delays.
• Maintenance optimisation: analytics, remote monitoring, sensor and camera technology.
Mark O’Neil, President, Columbia Shipmanagement

12:30 Q&A

12:50 Networking lunch


13:50 Roundtable discussions
This session provides an opportunity for participants to have meaningful conversations, connect and learn from their peers and engage in focused discussions to come up with collective solutions. Choose from a selection of key case study roundtables, hosted and moderated by topic experts and industry leaders, including:


• Benchmarking voyage efficiency
Tobias Gröger, Principal Consultant Fleet Performance Management, StormGeo in cooperation with DNV GL
Data management
Ivana Melillo, Fleet Performance Manager, d’Amico Group

14:35 Roundtable summaries, remarks and conclusion

14:55 Networking coffee break

The maritime industry has realised the potential of data in making it more competitive. This session looks at the importance of digitalising quality data to make it available for applicable analysis, using big data, deep learning and AI.

15:25 A guide to data quality management and metrics for effective data control
• Defining data quality.
• Don’t know your data? Then you don’t know your business.
• How will you collect data? How will it be aggregated? How is your data validated? How will you enhance and maintain your data’s value? How secure is your data?
Ivana Melillo, Fleet Performance Manager, d’Amico Group

15:45 Panel discussion – New era of big data, driving the shipping industry smarter
• Comparative vessel performance reporting for cost analysis.
• How important is data quality to effectively manage fuel consumption and emissions?
• Future: autonomous shipping, trends and developments.
• IoT trends and the impact on insurance, the benefits of using Big Data strategy to reduce owners’ liability and risk

Panellists include:
Ivana Melillo, Fleet Performance Manager, d’Amico Group
Leni Larsen Marøen, Manager, Kongsberg Digital
Tobias Gröger, Principal Consultant Fleet Performance Management, StormGeo in cooperation with DNV GL

16:25 Q&A


16:30 Closing remarks from the chairperson
Fionna Gavin, Partner, Ince


*Programme subject to change/amendments

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Who Attended

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Who attended


Aron Frank Sørensen: BIMCO

Andrei Constantin: Borealis Maritime

Robert Ball: BP Shipping

Mark O’Neil: Columbia Shipmanagement

Ivana Melillo: d’Amico Group

Tobias Gröger: StormGeo/DNV GL

Martin Dixon: Drewry Shipping Consultants Limited

Darwin Rajendran: Epic Gas

Pankaj Sood: Glencore

Ricky Hickman: Grimaldi Lines

Tarek Taha: Ince & Co

Joe Steel: Ince & Co

Fionna Gavin: Ince & Co

John Calleya: International Maritime Organization

Yusuf Doruk: John Samonas & Sons

Hui Shan: K Line LNG Shipping

Leni Larsen Marøen: Kongsberg Maritime

Rowan Stallard: Marella Cruises

Andrea Crosetti: MSC Cruise Management

Jan Wilhelmsson: Navig8 Europe

Dimitris N Monioudis: Rethymnis & Kulukundis

Joseph Harris: Seadrill

Jamie Grant: Tero Marine

Julian Thomas: Trelleborg Marine Systems

George Aggelopoulos: Trelleborg Marine Systems

Luke Read: Trelleborg Marine Systems

Iain Doran: UK MoD

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London E1 8QN


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