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Optimised Ship Forum Hamburg 2019

01 October 2019
09:00 - 18:00

Identifying and Implementing Optimum Solutions for Ship Operational Efficiency

As shipping companies and ship management companies see the true value behind the data they have, and the data they could potentially get, they will continue to invest in digitalisation. Certain processes will be facilitated through digitalisation, and future decisions will be taken on a much more profound information basis.

It is not an easy journey, but does have financial, commercial and operational benefits.

Shipping companies need this technology to meet hardening IMO expectations on emissions reductions. Digitalisation should certainly get the industry halfway to cutting carbon emissions by 50%.

Hear from the IMO, BIMCO, ship owners and class societies as they deliver their vision and recommendations in Maritime 2050.

The Optimised Ship Forum is key for ship owners to make better decisions when looking at improving their ship performance and operational efficiency. It aims to bring together the maritime sector and navigate change by providing insight into how to use digitalisation technology to optimise ship operations.

Discussion points

  • How to use regulatory frameworks to facilitate smart shipping and autonomy?
  • How are IMO 2050 regulations addressing energy efficiency and GHG emissions?
  • Does the C-suite level understand the true value of accessing and analysing data?
  • What are the benefits of IoT applications and real-time vessel monitoring?
  • Operational efficiency in ports from the ships’ perspective
  • What methods and monitoring solutions to consider for improving operational efficiency?

Click here to read our wider coverage of optimised ship trends and developments in the maritime industry.

Paul Skinner Commercial Manager
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Identifying and Implementing Digitalisation Solutions for Maximum Benefit


08:00 Registration, coffee and networking


09:00 Chairman’s welcome address

Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


DNV GL welcome address

Dr. Olaf Doerk, Regional Manager Advisory Services West Europe, DNV GL


KEYNOTE SESSION: Embracing maritime 4.0, opportunities & challenges

Maritime 4.0 will enable enormous gains to be achieved in the operational efficiency of commercial shipping. This introductory session looks at the opportunities and challenges these massive data sets are creating.


09:10 Energy transition outlook 2050 – Maritime

• Where does the Maritime industry stand on the roadmap towards IMO GHG targets?

• What can be done on the technical and regulators side to support the strategy?

• Which factors need be considered for today’s investment decisions?

Dr. Olaf Doerk, Regional Manager Advisory Services West Europe, DNV GL


09:30 IMO´s contributions and regulatory work for the protection of the environment

challenges for the shipping industry

• Relating short-term measures to IMO’s minimum 2050 emissions reduction target.

• IMO DCS and DNV GL’s IMO DCS verification service.

Monika Breuch-Moritz, German Maritime Ambassador, IMO

Jan Schreiber, Project Manager Ship Emissions Certification, DNV GL


09:50 Control room with a view: connect, command, centralise

Harnessing digitalisation and technology for centralised fleet management and optimised vessel operation.

• Crew performance optimisation: rotation, training & safety, incident avoidance.

• Vessel performance optimisation: speed, fuel management.

• Voyage optimisation: weather routing, port delays.

• Maintenance optimisation: analytics, remote monitoring, sensor and camera technology.

Joachim Brack, Managing Director Hamburg, Columbia Shipmanagement


10:10 Q&A


10:30 Coffee break


SESSION 2: Optimisation of ship design and operation for life cycle

New cloud technologies will dramatically affect the design, construction and operation of vessels and their components. This session focusses on the challenges and potential of technology integration.


11:10 The H2020 European Research project - HOLISHIP (2016-2020)

• The changing face of ship design. Creating the ship of tomorrow.

• Developing innovative, holistic ship design optimisation methods, in which all main design functional requirements, constraints and performance indicators are considered.

• Minimising costs for varying loading and environmental conditions.

• Advanced design systems to facilitate shipbreaking and the recycling of materials and components at the end-of-life phase.

Jochen Marzi, Head of Department, Holiship Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA)


11:30 Panel discussion - Maritime 2050 – Navigating the future

• How to orientate and align solutions for the next-generation fleet.

• The problem of implementing new technologies in existing as well as new ships.

• How to calculate the true return on investment.

• Risk assessment and risk reduction measures, balanced against the cost of implementing new technologies.

• How to implement new technologies into existing shore organisations and tackle the change management.

- Hauke Schlegel, Managing Director Marine Equipment and Systems, German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA)

- Dr Lars Greitsch, Managing Director Head of Research and Innovation, MMG – Mecklenburger Metallguss

- Patrick Toll, Managing Director, PT-Shipmanagement

- Dr Olaf Doerk, Regional Manager Advisory Services West Europe, DNV GL


12:10 Q&A


12:30 Networking lunch

SESSION 3: Considering solutions for improving operational efficiency

13:40 Roundtable discussions

This session provides an opportunity for participants to have meaningful conversations, connect and learn from their peers and engage in focused discussions to help determine the optimum solutions for your fleet. Choose from a selection of key roundtables, hosted and moderated by topic experts and industry leaders, including:

• Fundamental analysis of engine and machinery performance.

• Speed management and scheduling.

• Operations efficiency on the modern technologically advanced ships

(New generation ships with systems like electric propulsion, energy optimisation software, new environmental fuels)

Moderated by Minas Miliaras, Senior Vice President Technical Operations, Carnival Maritime

• Benchmarking voyage efficiency

Moderated by Patrick Toll, Managing Director, PT-Shipmanagement

• Crew motivation and engagement towards energy efficient ship operation

Moderated by Martin Köpke, Fleet Support Centre, Hapag-Lloyd

• Propeller-hull system optimisation

Moderated by Dr Lars Greitsch, Managing Director Head of Research and Innovation, MMG – Mecklenburger Metallguss


14:25 Roundtables summaries, remarks and conclusion

Coffee break


SESSION 4: Performance data use for operational efficiency

Case studies and lessons learnt from data and fleet performance projects.


15:30 Utilising and optimising fleet performance

• Turning data into information - From data collection to vessel performance management.

• Stakeholders in shipping - Managing and balancing interests.

• Managing vessels and increasing performance - KPIs at work.

Helge Bartels, Deputy COO, Bernhard Schulte


15:50 Benefits from working with trim and draft optimisation in operations

• Does vessel trim optimisation create efficiencies?

• Improving the ship’s "trim matrix" by identifying and documenting the optimum trim as a function of ship speed and draft to help reduce fuel oil consumption.

• The barriers that can affect good application of trim optimisation.

Martin Köpke, Fleet Support Centre, Hapag-Lloyd


16:10 Operational efficiency of the modern design cruise ships

• Operational parameters for cruises ships.

• Challenges of officers, crew operations and training.

• How to improve cruise vessel energy and fuel efficiency.

• Commercial, technical and environmental considerations.

Minas Miliaras, Senior Vice President Technical Operations, Carnival Maritime


16:30 Panel discussion – Turning data into insightful decision making - the owners and operators’ perspectives

• Using data and analytics to unlock operational efficiencies – increasing productivity, extending asset life spans and reducing operating and maintenance costs.

• Speed optimisation vs. speed reduction: the speed limit debate.

• How to achieve sustainable efficiencies in your operations and take cost out of the business.

• Do short term measures stifle technical progress and the switch to new technologies?

- Helge Bartels, Deputy COO, Bernhard Schulte

- Minas Miliaras, Senior Vice President Technical Operations, Carnival Maritime

- Paul Altena, Manager European Government Affairs, CLIA Europe

- Martin Köpke, Fleet Support Centre, Hapag-Lloyd


17:10 Q&A


17:30 Closing remarks from the chairman

Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


17:30 End of Forum

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Why attend

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Why Attend


As vessels are becoming more complex, with an increasing number of variables to consider and a flood of data from onboard systems, Riviera Maritime Media’s Optimised Ship Forum delivers the practical insights shipowners and ship management companies need to drive forward vessel efficiency and performance management.

  • What are the benefits of smart energy efficiency management?
  • How can KPI measurement points be determined before starting the data collection process?
  • What is the anticipated fleet saving from the control room, and over what timeframe?
  • Will the ships’ lifecycle shorten to allow newer technologies to be implemented?
  • Measuring purchasing performance or optimising vessel performance?

The Optimised Ship Forum turns the unanswered questions into discussions for participants to explore and share their views and knowledge.

  • Identify best practices and operational efficiency trends.
  • Discover which technologies do and don’t deliver on vessel performance.
  • Explore with your peers the challenges, concerns and issues associated with monitoring performance.
  • Come away with answers and the ability for enhanced ship operations decision-making.
  • Learn from data and fleet performance case studies and success stories.
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Who Attended

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Who attended

Nitesh Ranvah: 21 Knots Design & Consulting

Keith Yeo: ABS

Thomas Tan: American Bureau of Shipping

Mei Yan Soh: American Bureau of Shipping

Anthony Zhuang: Amsbach Marine

Douglas Lang: Anglo-Eastern Offshore

David Sheret: Archer Knight

Vivek Seth: Arga Energy Consulting, UAE

Pius Aloor: Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Singapore)

Nicholas Teo: Borealis Marine

Desmond Lee: Braemar ACM Shipbroking

James Sherrard: Braemar ACM Shipbroking

Ahmad Zulkhairi Bin Zainal Abidin: Bumi Armada Berhad

Megat Zariman Abdul Rahim: Bumi Armada Berhad

Shu Yong Koh: Bureau Veritas Marine (Singapore)

Gabriel Yeo: Bureau Veritas Marine (Singapore)

Michael Tan: Caterpillar Asset Intelligence

Rajat Gupta: Chellsea

Jana Tan: Clarksons Platou Asia

Mark Koh: Clarksons Platou Asia

Muhlizah Khaizan: Clarksons Platou Asia

Tomoko Ikari: Crossborder Research

Arnstein Eknes: DNV GL

Teck Huat Quah: DNV GL Singapore

Karen Tan: EMAS Offshore

Capt Saravanan Alagar: Executive Offshore

Tor Allen Widing: Fearnley Offshore Supply

Ngeong Poh Lim: Focal Marine & Offshore

Shu Jun: Focal Marine & Offshore

Jon Attenburrow: FTAI Offshore

Adib Adam: Fugro

Enrique Salang: Fugro

Dag Leo Emblemsvag: Global Maritime

Alessio Lombardi: Global Maritime Consultancy

Liming Qiao: Global Wind Energy Council

Garrick Stanley: GO OFFSHORE

Victoria Sullivan: GO OFFSHORE

Ricky Chue: Greenbulk Maritime

Lakhjit Singh: Harvester Offshore

Hassan Basma: HBA Offshore

Toby Stephens: HFW

Capt Andy Goldsmith: IMCA

Graeme Reid: IMCA

Joey Fisher: IMCA/M3 Marine Group

Capt Hakeem Haron: Independent Marine Advisor to Oil Majors & Marine Contractors

Audra Drablos: Inmarsat

Eric Griffin: Inmarsat

Brendan Cooley: International Maritime Services

Shawn Tan: International Registries (Far East) Singapore

Ruturaj Thaker: Kennedy Marr Offshore (Singapore)

Kelvin Tan: Kongsberg Marine Singapore

Jan Sigurd Sorensen: Kongsberg Maritime

Sze Jenn Shyang: Kongsberg Maritime

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All speakers

Dr Olaf Doerk

Regional Manager Advisory Services West Europe


Monika Breuch-Moritz

German Maritime Ambassador


Jan Schreiber

Project Manager Ship Emissions Certification


Joachim Brack

Managing Director Hamburg


Jochen Marzi

Head of Department


Hauke Schlegel

Managing Director Marine Equipment and Systems


Dr Lars Greitsch

Managing Director Head of Research and Innovation


Patrick Toll

Managing Director


Martin Köpke

Fleet Support Centre


Minas Miliaras

Senior Vice President Technical Operations


Paul Altena

Manager European Government Affairs


Helge Bartels

Deputy COO

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Partnering with the OSF Forums represent an unrivalled opportunity to engage with your target audience in a focused setting


Whether your goals are to:

  • Increase your market share

  • Meet new and existing customers

  • Launch a new product or service

  • Increase your brand awareness

  • Penetrate a new market sector

  • Enforce and maintain position in sector

  • Deliver your message in a focused environment

Partnering with the OSF Forums offers you an excellent platform to foster crucial senior-level contacts and relationships.


A broad range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities means that we have the package to suit your needs and your budget.


If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the Optimised Ship Forum, please contact:


Paul Skinner, Commercial Manager

T: +44 (0) 20 8370 7006

M: +44 (0)7388 187968

E: paul.skinner@rivieramm.com

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