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An online research library of technical, solutions-based whitepapers, case studies and expert views from across the maritime engineering and offshore sectors that address the developments and challenges facing our industries today.

Recovering the shaftline after a grounding

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Technology Benefits

Wärtsilä's state-of-the-art tail shaft alignment system can improve operational performance

2020 Vision: Preparing for the New Global Sulphur Cap

Tier III Two-Stroke Technology

Low Carbon Pathways Study 2050

Hybrid Power Workboats: A holistic approach for better CAPEX

To scrub or not to scrub

2020 Vision: Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

2020 Vision: Compliant VLSFO Products


Guidance Notes on Additive Manufacturing

Using the Human Performance Index to Reduce Shipping Industry Incidents

Foresight review of  cyber security for the Industrial IoT

Dynamic Positioning Failure Mode Effects Analysis Assurance Framework Risk-based Guidance


The need for innovation in antifouling coatings

Commissioning Testing of Ballast Water Management Systems

Imagining the future of marine lubrication

Ballast Water Management Technologies:A Comparison Between UV Based Systems& Electrochlorination Systems

Lubricating dual-fuel auxiliary engines: a practical approach

Identifying VLSFO engine condition challenges


Bulk Carriers Webinar Week

Bulk Carriers Webinar Week

Ship Recycling Webinar Week

Ship Recycling Webinar Week

Container Ships Webinar Week

Container Ships Webinar Week

Ballast Water Webinar Week

Ballast Water Webinar Week


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