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Riviera has been providing the maritime, offshore and energy communities with quality multi-platform media services for over 20 years. With offices in London and Singapore as well as regional representatives in the US and Australia, we are a global brand committed to our specialist areas.

We pride ourselves on audience engagement and our staff look forward to hearing from you.
Content: news, features and opinion enquiries
If you have content relevant to our audiences or you would like to speak to one of our content experts;

Features & opinion:

Edwin Lampert or call +44 20 8370 7017

Jamey Bergman or call +44 20 8370 1723 (please send press releases to news@rivieramm.com)

Advertising and sponsorship enquiries
If you are interested in promotional opportunities through any of our online channels, print or digital publications or live and online events;

Europe and North America:
Bill Cochrane or call +44 20 8370 1719

SE Asia and Middle East:
Kym Tan or call +65 6809 1278

Events enquiries
If you have an enquiry relating to one of our events;

Programme content: live or online
Mikhail Kryukov or call +44 20 8370 7798

Mirella Charter or call +44 20 8370 7009
Subscription enquiries
If you have a subscription or membership enquiry;

For individual subscriptions please contact:
Sally Church or call +44 20 8370 7018

For online memberships, corporate or university subscriptions please contact:
David Williams or call +44 20 8370 1738

Administrative enquiries
If you have an enquiry relating to finance, data, creatives, or careers;

Europe and North America:
General Enquiries or call +44 20 8370 1551

SE Asia and Middle East:
General Enquiries or call +65 6809 1278

London Office

Riviera Maritime Media Ltd,
Mitre House, 66 Abbey Road,
Enfield EN1 2QN, UK
Phone: +44 20 8364 1551
Email: info@rivieramm.com

Singapore Office

Riviera Maritime Media Singapore Pte Ltd,
1 Fusionopolis Place, 03-20, Galaxis,
Singapore 138522
Phone: +65 6809 1278
Email: info@rivieramm.com
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