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Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference, Americas

01 February 2021 - 02 February 2021
09:00 - 18:00
Houston | Date TBC

Where is the tanker market heading?
Analysing the fundamentals and driving forces shaping shipping strategy in tanker markets

This comprehensive two-day conference is a companion event to Riviera Maritime Media’s acclaimed Annual Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference, Exhibition and Awards which has been running in London for over a decade and is widely regarded as the premier commercial conference for the tanker industry.

Join us at Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference, Americas where the extensive programme will deliver the latest industry data, expert analysis, fresh case studies, and critical operational, regulatory and technical information required for successful tanker shipping and trade to and from the Americas.

The 2020s have begun with once-in-a-generation regulatory changes, geo-political upheaval, sanctions, cyber risks, signs of a slow-down in shale production, COVID-19 and an upturn in freight rates.

Sessions will highlight where the greatest earnings potential is in the year ahead; the regulatory landscape, expected trends in charter rates and key developments and likely direction of the Americas tanker market.

It will also provide clear direction, examples and insight on current and emergent technologies that deliver the greatest operational efficiencies and support profitable operations. We look forward to welcoming you/representatives from across the tanker sector to join us in Houston in February 2021.


Programme Highlights

  • Explore oil tanker rates and tanker market trends
  • Is optimism returning to the tanker market?
  • The geopolitical implications of tanker security
  • Safety risk management, risk sharing and responsibilities
  • How US sanctions have impacted fleet availability and freight rates.
  • Alternative fuels update: LNG, LPG, Methanol, Ammonia, Hydrogen, Hybrid-Electric and Fuel Cells
  • When to opt for scrapping rather than retrofitting due to high costs involved?
  • How are carriers adjusting their fleet?
  • Saving fuel and reducing emissions with energy efficiency initiatives
  • Providing preparedness to respond to oil spill
  • Reducing emissions and cleaning up the tanker industry enforcing ballast water standards
  • How critical are key oil chokepoints to the oil tanker market?
  • The importance of ship-shore interface and inland waterways systems
  • Hull coatings, what is at the heart of being a smooth operator?


“Informative, engaging and thought provoking, well done!"
Stolt Tankers

“Engaging & well organised.”
Centre Testing International Group

“Interesting topics all in all. Excellent choice of speakers/topics”
Lighthouse Maritime Services

“Interesting topics - right speakers - good networking”
CST Schiffahrt

“Good platform to network with ship owners/operators/managers.”
Ambica Logistics

“Excellent & very informative & good sessions”

Thome Group

“Good extract of what is going on in the tanker industry.”
International Registries

“Good networking, one of the more interactive conferences.”
Lean Marine

“Extremely informative & good networking”

“Very informative event with wide score of topics.”

Paul Dowling - Brand Manager
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Partnering with the Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference Americas presents an unrivalled opportunity to engage with your target audience in a focused setting

Whether your goals are to:

  • Increase your market share
  • Meet new and existing customers
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Penetrate a new market sector
  • Enforce and maintain position in sector
  • Deliver your message in a focused environment
  • A broad range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities means that we have the package to suit your needs and your budget.


If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference Americas, please contact:


Paul Dowling, Commercial Manager

T: +44 (0) 20 8370 7014

M: +44 (0)7960 887222

E: paul.dowling@rivieramm.com

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Where is the tanker market heading? Analysing the fundamentals and driving forces shaping shipping strategy in tanker markets



08:00 Registration, coffee and networking


08:50 Welcome from Riviera Maritime Media

Edwin Lampert, Head of content, Riviera Maritime Media

09:00 Welcome address from Platinum Sponsor


The opening session will discuss the shaping of the present tanker market, covering the world oil and gas consumption and production trends and the structure and composition of tanker demand and supply.


09:10 Where is the oil tanker market heading?

  • The structural market balance for crude tankers continues to improve, favouring higher rates.
  • How will global economic and political issues be creeping into the picture and impacting the trade?
  • How will the 2020 Sulphur Cap impact crude tanker vessel supply?

09:30 The impact of the rapidly evolving LNG/LPG industries on the tanker market

  • All changes for the LNG and LPG supply and demand role, where is the new demand?

  • LNG and LPG tankers, market size and order book

09:50 Product and chemical tanker market forecast, trend analysis and competition tracking

  • Growing international trade creating avenues of growth for chemical tankers.

  • What impacts has the development of shale gas on chemical tanker market growth?

  • Key demand factors driving chemical tankers around the globe.

10:10 Q&A


10:30 Opening leaders panel discussion – Is optimism returning to the tanker market?

  • Dealing with “uncertain times” as concern increases over global trade growth in a climate of increasing geopolitical risks and rise of protectionism.

  • How the crude tanker market responds against the backdrop of the coronavirus?
  • What are the signs of recovery in the offshore market and will it continue, albeit still at a low level?

  • How greater collaboration in the industry can address these challenges, together with the help of new digital solutions?

11:10 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area


Chokepoints for maritime transit of oil are a critical part of global energy security. This session will give an insight on the Panama Canal updates and restrictions and state specific regulations, before opening the discussion to the debate on the Jones Act, to waive or not to waive?

11:50 Regional regulations and maritime advisories

  • Ship Registration
  • National regulations, standards and policies to enhance maritime safety, security and stewardship
  • OFAC Advisory to the Maritime Petroleum Shipping Community
  • Controversial California state fuel standards regulation - What does this mean for vessel owners and operators?

12:10 Panama canal’s expansion takeaway

  • Canal Tolls Structure Modifications (April 1, 2020)
  • How does the new locks impact the vessel size and seaborne transport?
  • Impacts on trading patterns

12:30 Legislative debate: Shipping under the Jones Act

  • Should The Jones Act be waived?
  • Have American shipyards failed to keep pace with foreign rivals?
  • Bills introduced to modify The Jones Act and the Energizing American Shipbuilding Act of 2019

12:50 Q&A


13:10 Networking lunch in the exhibition area


This session will look at short sea shipping, the Americans inland waterways network and Houston’s port tanker bottleneck. It will be highlighting the importance of increasing competitiveness, safety and sustainability within the inland sector.

14:20 MARAD’s marine highway program

  • Develop and expand marine highway service options and facilitate their further integration into the current U.S. surface transportation system.
  • Increase the utilisation and efficiency of transportation on Marine Highway Routes between U.S. ports.

14:40 The vessel in port: Effective mooring, towing and anchoring

  • Ship-port interface - faster, safer, more secure.
  • Focusing on the efficiency of port operations.
  • Port efficiency and time in ports and terminals port performance.
  • Measure the effects of seaports performance and policy programs to regulate and manage port performance.

15:00 Q&A


Industry experts will address the geopolitical risks and forces that are driving the tanker earnings, including sanctions and cyber terrorism.

15:20 Panel discussion – Piracy and terrorism at sea: A rising challenge for the tanker industry

  • What are the dangers associated with contemporary piracy?
  • Growing vulnerabilities in maritime shipping, surveillance, and coastal and port-side security.
  • Conducting regular and rigorous threat assessments.
  • Encouraging the commercial maritime industry to make greater use of enabling communication and defensive technologies and accept a greater degree of transparency in its corporate structures.

15:50 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area


Session speakers will provide a balanced discussion between shipbroker, charterer and ship owner, who will be giving their perspectives on risk sharing, ship inspection and vetting.


16:30 Keynote - Navigational safety and pilotage in the Houston-Galveston area waterways

Notifications requirements and guidelines regarding vessel safety in the wake of the recent incident of the oil/chemical tanker Bow Fortune, Odfjell.


16:50 Leaders panel discussion – Risk sharing and responsibilities, chartering and supply chain management

  • Ship vetting and risk assessment to limit your corporate liability and protect your reputation.
  • How do owners mitigate their business risks?
  • Implementing facilitation and corruption policies with support from charterers.
  • Managing the risk associated with a casualty: safety, legal and reputational.
  • What are the risks covered by P&I clubs?

17:45 Chairman’s concluding remarks and day one conference programme closes

Edwin Lampert, Head of content, Riviera Maritime Media


08:45 Registration, coffee and networking


09:00 Welcome from Riviera Maritime Media

Edwin Lampert, Head of content, Riviera Maritime Media


This session is the opportunity to learn on advances in greener, smarter anti-fouling coatings and technology solutions.


09:10 Hull and propeller cleaning and its impact on ships’ CO2 emissions

  • Periodic hull cleaning leads to a significant reduction in the daily fuel consumption
  • Water flow optimization
  • Run a regularly based cleaning program for the hull and propellers to deliver fuel savings

09:30 Protective coatings and coatings technology

  • Highlight potential issues using failure analysis program
  • Substantially cut your maintenance costs
  • Drivers effecting the tank coating
  • Minimise your fleet’s downtime

09:50 Choosing greener and smarter anti-fouling solutions

  • Decrease the accumulation of invasive species and improve the overall performance of the ship.
  • Start with the identification of the operational needs expected to be covered by anti-fouling systems.
  • Evaluate the expected service life of the anti-fouling systems, maintenance or repair policy and initial invested capital to complete the profile of the proposed solution.
  • Keep your fleet in operation longer and extend your asset’s lifetime of service

10:10 Q&A

10:30 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area


This session will feature case studies of innovative technologies to further enhance the energy efficiency of tanker and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

11:10 Selecting power and propulsion solutions through application data analysis

  • Modelling alternative propulsion technologies for tanker vessels
  • Selecting the right equipment for an electric hybrid tanker regardless of the power node or hybrid elements
  • Ensuring the longest-possible Energy Storage System life, capability for providing power during charge and operation.
  • Delivering on system expectations for propulsion power and auxiliary loadings both in full EV mode and hybrid operations.

11:30 Analysis of voyage optimisation benefits

  • Setting up digital shipping by enabling fast data transmission to shore and connection for smart tankers.
  • Benchmarking voyage efficiency: weather routing, port delays.
  • Efficient route management – reduce fuel consumption and ensure just-in-time arrival enabling reduced speed and crew costs.

11:50 A look into condition-based maintenance for on-board systems

  • Eliminate unplanned failures and eventually the inflated repair costs
  • Remove unplanned down time – reduce unscheduled maintenance and associated costs and increase operational productivity
  • Cargo oil heating system, cargo tank venting system, overflow control system, inert gas system, firefighting system

12:10 Q&A


12:30 Networking lunch in the exhibition area


This session will concentrate on the tanker shipping’s marine environmental impact and how it is responding to reduce its effects.


13:40 Comparison of alternative marine fuels

  • Costs and benefits of alternative fuels (hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, LPG pathways)
  • Converters for multiple fuel pathways – fuel cells and combustion engines
  • Technology options and properties

14:00 Ballast Water Management System (BWMS)

  • Installing BWMS on all owned vessels in light of IMO and US Coast Guard regulations
  • Should shoreside treatment ballast water treatment be a port issue?
  • The need to invest in BWMS for vessels between 15 and 20-years of age – will those vessels be scrapped or have BWMS installed?

14:20 Oil spill response and emergency preparedness

  • What can be expected in the near and long-term future under the New Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA) of 2018) under a new Clean Water Act (CWA)?
  • Building a legacy of resilience.
  • Oil spill response planning: Prepare, response, recover.
  • Spill Prevention And Response (SPAR) regulation projects in Alaska

14:40 Q&A

15:00 Networking lunch in the exhibition area


The closing session will see a panel of industry leaders speak on the alternative of retrofitting or scrapping a vessel. Panellists will share their strategies in their decision-making process.


15:40 Closing leaders panel discussion - Decision-making for tanker demolition or retrofit

  • The importance of planning and the issues involved in retrofitting and maintaining scrubbers
  • How to rehabilitate old oil supertankers?
  • What are the returns built into the scrubber calculations?
  • Should early retirement be considered when retrofit becomes uneconomical?
  • Global trends and dynamics of ship recycling, recent developments and prospects

16:40 Chairman’s closing remarks and conference close

Edwin Lampert, Head of content, Riviera Maritime Media


* Programme subject to change/amendments

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Who's Attending

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Why Attend

Presented by Tanker Shipping & Trade by Riviera Maritime Media, Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference, Americas will be held in February 2021 in Houston, USA. Building on the success of over ten editions of the London Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference, Exhibition and Awards, we are pleased to bring the TST Conference Series to America for the first time.


As an international event focusing on the American market outlook, TST Conference, Americas is the meeting point for all tanker professionals that, led by regional experts, provides insightful analysis and discussion of current issues facing the tanker market . It brings together stakeholders from across the sector including leading shipowners, ship managers, shipbrokers, ship operators, charterers, commodity traders, port authorities, insurers, lawyers, regulators, policy makers, maritime service providers, engineering and technology companies.


Identify the key decisions you need to make for your business by joining Tanker professionals and thought leading speakers in February.

  • Nine content-rich sessions across two days.
  • Two leaders stakeholders’ panel discussions.
  • Talk and learn from your peers for insights and breakthroughs.
  • Hear from inspiring keynote speakers and from the audience’s questions and perspectives.
  • Various networking activities for future collaborations.
  • An exhibition showcasing industry leading technologies.
  • A balanced programme which features keynotes, panel discussions, case studies, rich with data and analysis.

Attendees will include:

  • Vessel owners/operators/managers
  • Regulators
  • Class societies
  • Maritime insurance
  • Industry service providers: brokers, charterers, traders, analysts, lawyers and consultants
  • Industry associations
  • Coating, Tank cleaning / Hull fouling / Ballast / Water treatment
  • Flag states
  • Tanker trackers
  • Risk management & environmental assessment
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Your exhibitor package includes the following:

  • 3 x 2m stand space
  • Table and chairs
  • Access to electricity
  • Entry on the delegate handbook printed floorplan
  • 1 x free delegate for each day you are exhibiting
  • Free upload of technical white paper on Riviera’s Maritime Knowledge Bank
  • A minimum of 3 networking sessions in the exhibition area

If you are interested in exhibiting at the conference, please contact:

Paul Dowling, Brand Manager on paul.dowling@rivieramm.com or call +44 7960 887 222.


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To be confirmed

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