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JonRie InterTech LLC

Jonrie InterTech is a company engaged in the design and manufacture of Marine Deck Equipment.


Our focus is in the design of Tugboat winches and capstans. JonRie offers heavy-duty Escort and Assist winches along with a line of Towing winches.


All JonRie systems are state-of-the-art and custom solutions to fit the needs of a particular tug, ASD, VSP, or conventional. All JonRie control systems and HPUs are in-house design and in-house fabrications.


JonRie also has a deck equipment line for barges, dredges, and the military.

30 Bolton Ln., New Jersey, 08092, United States
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JonRie Press Release 4/20/2021

JonRie Press Release 4/20/2021

JonRie Marine Winches debuted its new Series 525 Double Drum Bow Winch designed for a 6,770 HP ASD. This winch was designed for Escort operations and Long Line Towing over the stern makes the winch ideal for escorting, terminal support, towing, and ship assist.

Press Release

Vane adds new tug for coastal and river towage

Vane adds new tug for coastal and river towage

This is a 27.4-m Sassafras-class tug with 2,240 kW of power from twin Caterpillar 3512 main engines, which drive fixed-pitch propellers through Twin Disc MG 6500, 6:1 reverse reduction gears.


With a shallow draught for towing barges along inland waterways in the US, its JonRie Intertech-manufactured tow winch enables pushing and towing of barges along river systems.

Seabulk deploys first US-built Rotortug

Trident is the first Rotortug to be built in North America, demonstrating that US owners are willing to invest in advanced towing vessels.


Seabulk Towing has deployed the first of three advanced Rotortugs, designed by Robert Allan and built by Master Boat Builders in Alabama, USA. They feature the unique triple Z-drive configuration, originally conceived and developed by the Netherlands-based Rotortug.


Escort Tug Testing JonRie/Burchett at Stevens 53

Escort Tug Testing JonRie/Burchett at Stevens 54

Escort Tug Testing JonRie/Burchett at Port Revel 1


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