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Maritime Optimisation & Communications


Maritime Optimisation & Communications is essential reading for CIOs, Fleet & Energy Performance Managers, Technical Managers, ICT managers, CSOs and Operations Managers.

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Our coverage cuts through the noise and hype to offer real insight on vessel optimisation. It brings vital intelligence on what it takes to enhance different facets of vessel performance including: propulsion technologies, energy management, e-navigation, predictive maintenance, training, vessel design, weather routeing and voyage optimisation.


Our coverage of maritime communications and "the connected ship" joins the dots for industry professionals wanting to:


• Harness the power of satellite communications

• Stay up-to-date with the latest trends: regulatory, operational and technological

• Make better decisions that improve ship performance and operational efficiency


2021 will be a pivotal year for the sector and we will be at the heart of reporting on these changes. Influence decision makers globally by including Maritime Optimisation & Communications in your marketing plans.


Market Reach:


12,100 copies circulated, (4,200 print, 7,900 digital)

65% of the magazine’s readership reaches owners, operators or managers **

• Two comprehensive and authoritative supplements published annually: Smart Navigation and The Complete Guide to VSAT

75% of readers have purchasing responsibilities

Global Reach:


Reader analysis by geographical breakdown**

** Publishers statement

Issue / Features 2021

Additional distribution

Spring 2021

Communications/connectivity: to include -

VSAT, Crew welfare, Antennas, cyber risk management

Optimisation: to include -

Fuel efficiency, Smart maintenance, Remote inspection & classification

Navigation/Bridge systems: to include -

E-Learning, E-navigation/Voyage planning, Radar

Maritime Cyber Risk Management

Asia Pacific Maritime, Singapore

Summer 2021

Communications/connectivity: to include -

Crew communications, VHF radio, Cyber security, 5G/LTE

Optimisation: to include -

Vessel route optimisation, Trim, power and fuel optimisation

Navigation/Bridge systems: to include -

Training & simulation, integrated bridge systems, Remote IT management, AIS/LRIT

Nor-Shipping, Oslo

The Complete Guide to VSAT supplement

Autumn 2021

Communications/connectivity: to include -

VSAT, IoT applications, Crew connectivity

Optimisation: to include -

Alert management, Power management, Weather routing, Remote control

Navigation/Bridge systems: to include -

Vessel tracking, Automomous ships, Cyber protection, Dynamic positioning

Europort, Rotterdam

Smart Navigation supplement



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Digital Editions - Riviera


Maritime Optimisation & Communications

Autumn 2020

P&O Maritime explains VSAT investments; Combine VSAT and 5G for faster connectivity; Investment will improve vessel performance; Redundancy is critical to prevent blackouts


Smart Navigation 2020

Integrated bridge technology holds the key to safe navigation; Laying the foundation for future autonomous ships; Cut operating costs using digital twins and passage planning; Familiarisation training is vital for safer e-navigation


Maritime Optimisation and Communications Summer 2020

Torvald Klaveness explains digitalisation investment; How Thenamaris boosts seafarer well-being; Using machine learning to cut fuel costs; Race is on for US$1.5Bn market leadership

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