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Offshore Support Journal Conference, Asia 2019

09:00 - 18:00

Improving vessel utilisation and efficiency

With the recent changes in oil prices, rig utilisation and a tightening in availability of high-specification vessels, is the Asian OSV market emerging strongly from the sustained downturn? Is the market now in good shape and is now the time to invest and take advantage of growth opportunities in the subsea, offshore construction and renewable sectors? The answer to these questions were discussed alongside many others in Singapore in September.

The Asian Offshore Support Journal conference is the largest and most influential event focused on the offshore support industry in Asia. The 2 day conference is a must attend for contractors, charterers, shipowners/operators/managers, shipbuilders, financiers and equipment suppliers. Join us and hear influential, insightful and informed senior executives from the industry address the opportunities, threats and challenges facing the sector.

The focus of the programme will be regional opportunities, utilisation, reactivation, vessel efficiency, restructuring, digitalisation and offshore wind.

Key Topics:

  • Key market updates – Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam.
  • Outlook for charter rates in 2020.
  • Improving vessel utilisation.
  • Reactivating vessels to support increasing activity in Asia.
  • Strategies and technologies to improve vessel efficiency.
  • Prospects for OSVs in the offshore wind industry.
  • Comparison of restructuring schemes.
  • Developments on walk-to-work vessels and access systems.
  • IMCA DP session and workshop.
  • Creating value and reducing costs through digitalising business processes.


"The conference was well crafted with most of the interesting topics. More environment topics must be covered in the future as the industry is going in that direction."
Pradeep Kumar Datar, Pacific Ocean Partners/Corvus Energy

"Extremely well planned event and excellent composition of all aspects of offshore."
Praveen Bajaj, ConocoPhillips

"Very good speakers and excellent networking."
Tor Widing, Fearnley Offshore Supply

"MOGSC is looking forward to continue participating in this great event and to share our related experience and updates."
Imran Azmi, Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC)

"It was a very well organized event with a good selection of topics dealt with and an excellent mix of attendees."
Diana Leng, KS Drilling

"This years Asian OSJ Conferece, despite the industry being in the doldrums had an abundance of owners, brokers and vendors and the tone was generally more upbeat than in 2017."
Mike Meade, M3 Marine

"The AOSJ Conference is extremely useful and beneficial for us to understand the latest industry trends as well technology updates. It is the only event in the industry today that focuses on the Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV) sector. Everyone and anyone who is involved in the OSV industry should participate in the event."
Megat Zariman Abdul Rahim, Bumi Armada Berhad

Kym Tan Head of Sales, Asia Kym Tan Head of Sales, Asia
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Key Speakers

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Improving vessel utilisation and efficiency


Disrupt or be disrupted: how digital capabilities can increase OSV earning potential, efficiency and overall profitability

08.15 Registration, breakfast and networking for MacGregor Breakfast Briefing



Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

Daniel Lundberg, Director, New Service Models, Digital & Business Transformation Director, MacGregor
Glenn McPhee, Offshore Engineering Services - General Manager, MMA Offshore Asia
Leong Seng Keat, CEO, Nam Cheong
Shubpreet Singh, Managing Director, OSM Ship Management, OSM Maritime Group


09.00 Registration, coffee and networking for Asian Offshore Support Journal Conference


10.00 Chairman’s welcome address
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


10.10 Platinum sponsor welcome address
Eric Griffin, Vice President for Offshore & High End Fishing and Offshore Energy, Inmarsat


Analysing trends in the offshore oil and gas market and how oil prices impact OSV demand. This session will provide invaluable insights on how key players intend to improve vessel utilisation and take up opportunities in the deepwater, subsea and IRM sectors.


10.20 Market trends, vessels and orderbook update

  • S & P activity, number of ships sold, 2nd hand price development.
  • Scrapping of OSV´s and exit to other markets.
  • Newbuildings – when will it come back.
  • Charter rates – development.
  • Utilization.

Tor Allen Widing, Managing Director, Fearnley Offshore Supply


10.40 The evolution of the Singapore Offshore Market – both sides of the story

  • Opportunities in a struggling market.
  • OSV auction sales – Singapore Focus.
  • Newbuilding Rig Market – Singapore Focus.

Charlie Hockless, Head of Singapore, VesselsValue


10.55 Outlook and opportunities from the subsea and IRM vessel market

  • Subsea asset map and utilisation.
  • Emerging opportunities from light MPSVs to more sophisticated vessels.
  • Asset utilisation and market strategy for MSVs and DSVs.

David Sheret, Executive Director, Archer Knight


11.10 Q&A


11.30 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by MTU


Most of the world’s OSV owners are struggling with heavy debt. This session presents offshore shipping restructurings in US, Norway and southeast Asia and investigates how owners are surviving despite high debt levels.


Session Chair:

George Kypraios, Chief Executive, Yefira Consulting


12.10 Global financing and restructuring update

  • Capital markets sentiment for the offshore sector.
  • Availability of financing for the offshore sector: banks, bonds, equity.
  • Restructuring impact on the industry and the competition.
  • Analysis of various restructuring solutions.

Erik Stromso, Managing Partner/ CEO, Pareto Securities


12.30 Q&A


How will IoT and Digitalisation shape the OSV sector?


Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

Eric Griffin, Vice President for Offshore & High End Fishing and Offshore Energy, Inmarsat
Audra Drablos, Sector Development Director, Inmarsat


12.40 Panel discussion: view from the top

  • Current utilisation rates and charter rate trends.
  • What to do with laid-up vessels and supply overhang.
  • Bringing vessels back to life to support increasing demand.
  • Trends in technology and the impact of external influences in the market.
  • Key learnings from the past and what to do to survive.

Vivek Seth, Managing Director, Arga Energy Consulting, UAE

Panellists include:
Tom Fairclough, Commercial General Manager, MMA Offshore
Leong Seng Keat, CEO, Nam Cheong
Florent Kirchhoff, General Manager, Swire Pacific Offshore
Sugiman Layanto, President Director, Wintermar


13.20 Networking lunch in the exhibition area sponsored by Focal Marine & Offshore


The regional analysis stream (Stream 3A) will show the opportunities available in southeast Asia and how to overcome challenges accessing the increasing activity in this region. The improving efficiency for sustainability stream (Stream 3B) investigates value created through digitalisation. This session illustrates how smart technologies and using data improves the efficiency of vessel operations.



Session Chair:

Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


14.30 Malaysia

  • What compromises are being made for sustainability in Malaysia?
  • Opportunities for local and international players.
  • The challenges for foreign-flagged vessels.
  • Practical advice to successfully win contracts with PETRONAS.

Megat Zariman Abdul Rahim, Vice President/Director - Offshore Marine Services, Bumi Armada Berhad

14.50 Updates on policy in Malaysia

  • Implementation of Integrated Logistics Control Tower (ILCT).
  • Vessel requirements for ongoing developments.

Capt Imran Azmi, EXCO Member, The Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC)

15.10 Indonesia, Myanmar, Brunei, Thailand and Vietnam

  • Charter activity.
  • New projects.
  • Changing regulations.

Gregory Brown, Associate Director - Offshore, Maritime Strategies International


Session Chair:

Arnstein Eknes, Segment Director, Offshore Service Vessels, DNV GL


14.30 Digitalising work processes onboard vessels

  • Evaluating which work processes can be digitalised.
  • Developing electronic checklists.
  • Using tablets and PCs to digitise work processes.

Tonny Sørdal, Vice President QHSE, Olympic Subsea
Kurt Roar Vilhelmsen, CEO, UniSea


14.50 Addressing cost challenges through simplification and innovation

  • Working with smart technologies to digitalise business processes.
  • Tailored solutions for the OSV industry.
  • Collaboration and sharing across companies.
  • Lessons from shipping and other industries.

Jan Sigurd Sørensen, VP Digital Systems, Kongsberg Maritime

15.10 Unlocking the potential of IoT for sustainable growth

  • How to embark on the digitalisation journey with high-throughput ship-shore connectivity.
  • Utilising IoT and data storage to cut costs and emissions.
  • Recognising the potential of active data analysis to get the most from your vessels.

Audra Drablos, Sector Development Director, Inmarsat



15.50 Networking break in the exhibition area sponsored by MTU


The reactivation and risk management stream (Stream 4A) will present how vessels get back to work after a period of lay-up and what to do when things go wrong on charters. The new vessel technologies stream (Stream 4B) will present the latest innovations for next-generation OSVs.


Session Chair:

Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

16.30 Examining the cost of mobilising vessels

  • Methodology of coming out of lay-up.
  • The cost of reactivating vessels, including class, maintenance and DP systems.
  • The resources needed after vessels are reactivated.
  • Ensuring competence when demand picks up.

Douglas Lang, Managing Director, Anglo-Eastern Offshore


16.50-17.30 Panel discussion: When things go wrong in OSV and rig charters – making the best of a bad situation

  • Common disputes arising from supply time agreements.
  • Practices that mitigate the likelihood of disputes – a commercial perspective.
  • Finding equitable solutions to disputes through arbitration and mediation.
  • Alternative dispute resolution services available in the region.

Toby Stephens, Partner, HFW
Lewis McDonald, Assistant Vice President, Head of Claims and Contracts, Skuld Offshore
Capt Mike Meade, Chairman, SSA Offshore Services Committee
Michelle Yong, Partner, Stephenson Harwood LLP


Session Chair:

Arnstein Eknes, Segment Director, Offshore Service Vessels, DNV GL

16.30 Artificial intelligence in offshore – autonomous applications
Vivek Khabya, Managing Director, Wootz Global


16.50 Uptake of hybrid propulsion systems and battery-powered vessels

  • Motivation and expectation for hybrid drive solution.
  • Benefits of hybrid drive propulsion system vs conventional propulsion plant.
  • Leave it to MTU to handle system complexity.

Ng Yih Ming, Senior Manager, Application Engineering Marine & Offshore, MTU Asia


17.10 LNG as marine fuel

  • Benefits of using LNG as marine fuel.
  • Newbuild, conversions and ship types that use LNG as fuel.
  • Technical challenges in meeting safety and design standards.
  • Developments in use of LNG and related fuels.

Keith Yeo, Manager, Machinery Engineering, ABS


17.30 Closing remarks by the session chairmen
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media AND Arnstein Eknes, Segment Director, Offshore Service Vessels, DNV GL


17.40 End of conference followed by Drinks Reception sponsored by ABS


19.00 End of day one


08.00 Registration, coffee and networking


09.00 Chairman’s welcome address
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


In this session, offshore oil and gas players discuss their strategies on optimising vessel performance, safety and minimising costs.


09.10 Oil Major/ Oil Producer perspectives on vessel performance

  • Understanding offshore marine charterer expectations from suppliers.
  • How OSV owners can assist oil majors in providing top notch services while reducing cost.
  • How the contractors can come together to ensure fuel savings and optimisation in this region.

Capt Hakeem Haron, Independent Marine Advisor to Oil Majors & Marine Contractors

09.30 Panel discussion: optimising vessel performance and lowering operational costs

  • Strategies to improve vessel efficiency without compromising safety.
  • Best practices and cost solutions.
  • Approaches to minimising operational costs.
  • Ways of being more competitive in the current market.

Nitesh Ranvah, CEO, 21 Knots Design and Consulting
Oskar Levander, SVP Concepts & Innovation, Integrated Solutions, Kongsberg Maritime
Shubpreet Singh, Managing Director, OSM Maritime Group
Capt Hakeem Haron, Independent Marine Advisor to Oil Majors & Marine Contractors

10.10 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by Harvester Offshore


The latest developments in walk-to-work (W2W) systems that enable owners to minimise incidents and improve workability on offshore oil and gas projects.

10.50 Walk-to-work vessels and access systems

  • What are the key trends in the walk-to-work vessel market?
  • Cost benefits of using walk-to-work vessels.
  • Safety and workability: how will this be improved to meet future demands in deeper waters and for developments in floating offshore wind projects?
  • Innovation in offshore access systems to meet these demands.

Inger Louise Molver, Commercial Officer & Analyst, AHTS & PSV, Solstad Offshore

11.10 Innovative walk-to-work solutions for operators

  • How W2W addresses operational challenges.
  • W2W developments.
  • Maintenance costs.

Richard Furlong, Executive General Manager Operations, MMA Offshore

11.30 Q&A


This session provides the latest on the offshore wind projects in Taiwan, China and around the world. OSV owners who have ventured into the renewables sector will share experiences and challenges specific to the offshore wind market.

11.50 Offshore Wind market update in Asia and around the world

  • What is the global pipeline for offshore wind projects?
  • Growth forecasts for the short, medium and long-term.
  • Offshore wind projects in operation in Taiwan.
  • Offshore wind projects under construction in China.

Robert Liew, Principle Analyst, Asia-Pacific Energy Transition Practice, Wood Mackenzie

12.10 Panel discussion: growth and prospects for the offshore wind industry

  • Innovative offshore wind vessels: technical and regulatory developments.
  • Support requirements of offshore windfarm developers and owners.
  • Competitive landscape and barriers to entry.
  • How to gain access to opportunities in the offshore windfarm industry.

Panellists include:
Dr Srikanth Narasimalu, Program Director (Renewables) & Senior Scientist, Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University
Liming Qiao, Asia Director, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)
Hassan Basma, Founder and CEO, HBA Offshore
Mark A. Hutchinson, VP, Head of Power & Renewables Consulting, APAC, Wood Mackenzie

12.50 Networking lunch in the exhibition area sponsored by Vanuatu Maritime Services


Learn about the latest IMCA initiatives from IMCA technical advisers and committee members and participate in a workshop focusing on improving DP assurance.

14.00 IMCA DP stationkeeping reporting scheme

  • The scheme and how it works.
  • Essential information to include when reporting an event.
  • Feedback methods and communicating with key DP personnel.
  • Common concerns raised from DP stationkeeping events.
  • Growth of the scheme.

Capt Andy Goldsmith, Technical Adviser, IMCA

14.20 IMCA DP practitioner accreditation scheme

  • Scheme development, including why it needed to be introduced.
  • Details of the scheme, including accreditation categories.
  • The current situation regarding applications.
  • Looking towards the future.

Joey Fisher, Marine DP Committee member, IMCA and M3 Marine

14.40 Guidelines for developing and conducting DP annual trials programmes – IMCA M 190

  • History of IMCA M 190 including the 2017 revision.
  • The debate covering incremental and remote DP trials.
  • Changes in the current revision incorporating the requirements of IMO MSC.1/Circ.1580 – Guide-lines for vessels and units with dynamic positioning systems plus incremental/remote DP trials.

Graeme Reid, Technical Adviser, IMCA

15.00 Chariman’s concluding remarks and end of the conference

15.10 Networking break in the exhibition area sponsored by Harvester Offshore

15.40-17.00 IMCA Workshop: improving DP assurance initiatives

Delegates will have 20 minutes to discuss each question and 10 minutes to hear summary responses from the moderators of each roundtable.


Providing good feedback to the industry

  • Present examples of well and poorly completed station keeping reports.
  • Provide tips for accurately reporting incidents.
  • Identify the lessons that can be learned from reports.

What are the challenges of meeting the latest revision of M190?

  • Help to understand the measures introduced in the latest revision.

How will advanced technology impact the DP annual trials programme in the future?

  • Identify what changes might be needed to M 190 in the future.

Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media
Capt Andy Goldsmith, Technical Adviser, IMCA
Joey Fisher, Marine DP Committee member, IMCA and M3 Marine
Graeme Reid, Technical Adviser, IMCA


17.10 Concluding remarks by the chairman
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


17.20 End of workshop

*Programme is subject to change/amendments

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Who Attended

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Shipowners/operators/oil majors/managers:

Amsbach Marine
Anglo-Eastern Offshore
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
Bumi Armada Berhad
EMAS Offshore
Executive Offshore
Global Marine Group
Go Offshore
HBA Offshore
KS Drilling
Logindo Sea Transport
Maersk Supply Service
MMA Offshore
Nam Cheong Offshore
Olympic Subsea

OSM Ship Management

Pacific Radiance
Penguin International
POSH Semco
PSA Marine
PT Wintermar Offshore Marine
SB Submarine Systems
Shell Eastern Trading
Solstad Offshore
Surya Nautika
Swire Pacific Offshore Operations
Swire Seabed
Thome Offshore Management
Vallianz Offshore Marine
Vroon Offshore Services
Viridian Maritime

Other attending companies:

21 Knots Design & Operations
American Bureau of Shipping
Archer Knight
Arga Energy Consulting
Borealis Marine
Braemar ACM Shipbroking
Bureau Veritas Marine
Caterpillar Asset Intelligence
Clarksons Platou
Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University
Focal Marine & Offshore
FTAI Offshore
Global Maritime
Greenbulk Maritime
Harvester Offshore
HBA Offshore
IMCA - International Marine Contractors Association
International Registries, Inc
International Maritime Services

Kennedy Marr Offshore
Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Maritime
Kongsberg Seatex
London Offshore Consultants
M3 Marine Group
Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council
Maritime Network
Maritime Strategies International
Nanyang Technological University
Nautical Control Solutions
Pacific Ocean Partners
Pareto Securities Asia
Radical Advice
Resolve Subsea
SKULD Singapore
Standard Chartered Bank
Stanford Marine
Wikborg Rein Singapore
Wood Mackenzie
Wootz Global

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Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre

Located in the heart of Singapore’s city centre; a mere 20-minute taxi ride from Changi Airport; and walking distance to the Central Business District. Spread over 5 levels, it is the largest, greenest and most versatile exhibition and meeting venue in Singapore. More than 40,000 hotel rooms are located within a 10-minute walk.

Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre
Level 4 Simpor 4812-13 / 4912-13 (conference)

Level 4 Simpor 4811 / 4911 (exhibition and networking)

10 Bayfront Avenue

Singapore 018956

t: +65 6688 8868



Taxi from airport: approximately 20 minutes, $25 SGD

Some recommended hotels in the area:

A 5* hotel located opposite the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. Please call the reservations team on: +65 6688 8888 and book without delay to avoid disappointment.

Located off Bras Basah Road, a 5* hotel approx. 5 minutes drive from Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

Located off Bras Basah Road, a 4* hotel approx. 5 minutes drive from Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

Located in Orchard Road, a 4* hotel approx. 15 minutes drive to Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

Located out of the city in Fort Canning Park, a 5* hotel approx. 15 minutes drive to Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

Minutes from Singapore’s central business and shopping districts, Universal Studios Singapore and Sentosa’s attractions, a 5* hotel approx 20 minutes drive to Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

Local attractions:

Marina Bay
Asian Civilisations Museum
Singapore Flyer
Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay
Merlion Park
Gardens by the Bay


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