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Tanker Shipping & Trade Webinar Week

09:00 - 11:45

Tanker Shipping & Trade Webinar Week, be sure to join us

Safety. Future Fuels. BWMS Retrofits.

Beginning Monday 10 May, we will be holding a series of webinars focussed on tanker shipping and trade. Each is meticulously researched and speaks to a key industry challenge, headache or opportunity. The webinars are designed to strike the right balance between transmission of key information and interaction with the expert panel assembled. Those who register will also receive copies of webinar materials post event.  


Our discussions are focused, cover the advertised subjects, and deliver registrants actionable insights.  


Registration is free, please sign up below.


To guarantee a position on one of the webinar panels, as either a premium partner or sponsored presenter and panellist, please contact Paul Dowling. A number of positions are made available throughout our webinar weeks for our commercial partners on a first come, first served basis.


Please join us for any or all of the following:


Tanker safety, vetting inspections and
Element 14 of TMSA

Date: Monday 10 May - Time: 09:00-09:45 BST

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The Sanchi oil tanker collision - which saw the loss of 32 lives - is a powerful recent reminder that accidents happen and the potential for human error is ever-present. The proposed Element 14 of the Tanker Management and Self-Assessment 3 (TMSA3) intends to provide enhanced tanker industry guidance on the human element; however the module is not complete, and no date has been set for its introduction. Join us as we consider the status of Element 14 and what the tanker industry should do pending its introduction. Our webinar will also consider tanker safety and vetting inspections in the age of COVID, recommendations on ECDIS usage and lessons learned from recent voyage data recorder (VDR) coverage of near misses.


Join us as we discuss

  • Element 14 of TMSA: what can be expected and when
  • Whether there is a vacuum in human-element training for tanker crews
  • How COVID has transformed tanker safety and vetting inspections
  • Lessons learned: ECDIS, VDR reports and near misses
  • What should be on the tanker industry’s safety agenda

Panellists include:

Nitin Gandhi, Head - Marine Assurance, Safe Lanes

Frans Ubaghs, Vetting Manager, INTERTANKO
Raal Harris, Group Creative Director, Ocean Technologies Group

Captain Ramesh Venkatraman, Global Head - Vetting, V.Ships


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Tanker BWMS retrofits in the age of COVID

Date: Tuesday 11 May - Time: 11:00-11:45 BST

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Tanker cargo loading and unloading require specific ballast water management system (BWMS) flow rates and not all systems are suitable. Tanker owners and operators report that COVID-19 has set back BWMS and scrubber supply chains and retrofit programmes while commercial, operational, and regulatory pressures have continued apace. This webinar will assess the order backlog and propose solutions. It will also take a case study-based approach to tanker fleet retrofit.


Join us as we discuss

  • BWMS suitable for tanker operations
  • The retrofit installation backlog
  • Owner and operator case studies

Panellists include:

Panos Smyroglou, Director of Business Development, Ecochlor
Debra DiCianna, Senior Compliance Manager, Choice Ballast Solutions

Leiv Kallestad, CEO, Optimarin


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The case for LNG and LPG-fuelled tankers

Date: Wednesday 12 May - Time: 11:00-11:45 BST

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LNG is widely seen as the most advanced of the future fuels and has found favour across the tanker industry. An abiding question for tanker owners and operators is whether investing in LNG and lowering emissions today allows for an easier transition to bio-LNG and synthetic LNG tomorrow. LPG propulsion is another option as future fuel and largely discussed recently, which has been limited to the gas carrier sector, however it is seen also as a candidate fuel for other tanker types at newbuild and retrofit stages. LPG also in its turn, is seen as an easy transition tomorrow to bio-LPG, renewable LPG and also to Ammonia.


Join us and learn

  • LNG and LPG-fuelled tankers operational experience
  • Retrofit requirements for dual-fuel engines
  • The latest tanker and engine designs
  • Economic and regulatory considerations
  • Cost, supply chain and infrastructure considerations

Panellists include:

Angus Campbell, Independent, First Corporate Director Energy Projects, Schulte Group
Nikos Xydas, Technical Director, WLPGA, World LPG Association
Kjeld Aabo, Director New Technologies, 2-Stroke Promotion, MAN Energy Solutions
Steve Esau, General Manager, SEA-LNG


Supporting organisation:

The case for methanol-fuelled tankers

Date: Friday 14 May - Time: 11:00-11:45 BST

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Tanker industry interest in methanol as a marine fuel has gathered considerable momentum since the world’s first methanol-powered tankers set sail in 2016. Its proponents say the fuel has an impeccable safety record, is economically viable and can meet NOx Tier III standards with simple water blending technology. Shorter class approval times and lower newbuilding costs for methanol tankers are also expected following the IMO Maritime Safety Committee’s adoption of interim guidelines on the use of methanol as a marine fuel.


Join us and learn

  • Methanol-fuelled tankers operational experience
  • Retrofit requirements for dual-fuel engines
  • The latest methanol-fuelled tanker designs
  • Economic and regulatory considerations
  • Cost, supply chain and existing infrastructure

Panellists include:

Patrick Mossberg, CEO, Marinvest

Chris Chatterton, COO, Methanol Institute
Toni Stojcevski, General Manager, Sales, Retrofit Projects, Wärtsilä


Supporting organisation:

Paul Dowling - Project Lead Paul Dowling - Project Lead
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Webinar details:

A confirmation email will be sent after registration. A reminder will be sent with your access details no later than 72 hours before the events date and a further reminder will be sent 1 hour before the webinar is due to begin.

  • During the webinar the identity of the attendees is confidential
  • All attendees join the webinar with their microphone off
  • We encourage questions to be sent during the webinar, the Moderator will raise these to the expert presenters
  • A recording of the Webinar will be accessible at following the live event taking place.

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