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An opportunity to hear international experts and industry stakeholders present, discuss and debate the latest issues, online and on-demand.

Maritime Hybrid & Electric Conference, North America 2021

To complement our hugely successful webinar week series, Riviera’s 2021 virtual conference programme allows our global communities to connect and network whilst gathering knowledge. Networking is a key element of our virtual conferences with ample opportunity to participate in the sessions, connect and meet with other attendees, keep on top of your daily routine, and still have some personal time.

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Driven by the compelling benefits of reduced fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and maintenance, the application of hybrid, electric, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies is accelerating across the marine sector. These technologies will clearly have a pivotal role in the years ahead as shipping transitions towards decarbonisation.

Through a series of individual presentations and panel discussions, this two-day conference explored the rapid advances in these technologies, examining the technical, regulatory and operational challenges and benefits. Central to the agenda were the real-world applications and operational experiences from North America and international vessel owners.


The session content is available below.


Welcome and Spotlight Interview



A brief introduction to what was to come from conference moderator Edwin Lampert, followed by a interview with Joshua Berger, Governor’s Maritime Sector Lead / Associate Director, Washington State Department of Commerce / and Board Chair and Founder, Washington Maritime Blue.


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Market Outlook and Regulatory Updates



A session giving comprehensive insight into the status of the green fuel vessels’ market in North America in the current climate, and an assessment of the latest regulatory updates and industry standards delivered by the US Coast Guard.



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Battery Innovations, Risk Mitigation and Safety Standards


A session devoted to a detailed review of innovations in battery and energy storage systems, an overview of developments in assuring fire safety onboard and enhancing safety standards of energy storage solutions.




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Business Case and Assessing Green Finance


Leading experts in the maritime space deliver concrete arguments demonstrating the benefits of adopting hybrid, electric, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, and the challenge of obtaining green financing.


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Day Two: Spotlight Interview



Day two begins with an interview. Joe Burgard, President, Red and White Fleet San Francisco Bay Cruises gives his Insight into the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in the maritime sector.



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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, green options



Introducing the latest in fuel for fuel cell technologies, demonstrating the key benefits of the principal green fuels and fuel cell applications currently being adopted by the maritime industry.


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Newbuilds, Retrofits and Vessel Design


This session highlights factors to be considered when designing a newbuild or retrofitting vessels for the installation of hybrid, battery and fuel cell power systems.



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Learning from the Pioneers


Key industry leaders share views on their green journey – the case for hybrid, all-electric, hydrogen and fuel cell-powered vessels, the challenges and the achievements to acknowledge.



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