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Offshore Support Journal Conference, Middle East

09 November 2020 - 10 November 2020
09:00 - 18:00

Shaping New Business Approaches to Thrive in a Demanding Sector

Riviera’s annual Offshore Support Journal Middle East Conference (OSJME) returns to Dubai on 9th November - 10th November 2020.

OSJME brings together regional and international players in the OSV sector, providing a unique platform to review opportunities, address challenges and knowledge share to ensure you and your company are positioned for growth.

Despite regional oil and gas companies redefining their E&P strategies in light of recent global events, there will still be a number of major upcoming offshore projects in the ME that will bring commercial opportunities for the equipment and services sector, including the OSV industry.

Take this opportunity to get the latest information to help position your company for survival in these challenging times. Align your business strategies with current market requirements and identify the opportunities present in today’s challenging offshore and OSV sector.

Attend OSJME to get the very latest on activity and opportunities in the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Africa – arm yourself with the tools to capitalise on the future growth in the sector.


Early bird rate - £1150
Ends 28 September 2020


Standard delegate rate - £1250


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Programme Highlights

  • Global industry developments and detailed review of regional activity.
  • Adapting to a constantly changing and evolving industry.
  • Opportunities, activity and challenges in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • The impact of artificial islands’ construction in the offshore oil and gas.
  • Opportunities in the shallow water market, offshore decommissioning and renewables sector.
  • Commercial opportunities, design and innovation in the vessels market.
  • The importance of crew boats in the Middle East.
  • Facing the challenges in today’s market – a detailed focus on oversupply, vessel reactivation and the OSV crews of the next decade.
  • World geopolitics influencing activity in the region.
  • Sustainability, collaboration and environmental compliance across the sector.
  • Vessels valuation, financing and restructuring in the OSV sector.
  • Meeting the flexible connectivity demands of the OSV market.
  • Advances in condition-based maintenance systems.
  • The latest in alternative fuel options for next-generation OSVs.
  • Moving towards digitalisation and automation.


“Very positive discussions and relevant topics”
Nabil Ben Soussia, Vice President – Maritime, IEC Telecom

“An engaging professional conference in a friendly and intimate environment. Once again, well compered”
Alan Naisby, Managing Director, MAK Middle East

“Great perspectives and interactive sessions”
Vivek Seth, Managing Director, Arga Energy Consulting

“This event is a good opportunity to keep ourselves abreast about the market”
Akshin Rahimov, Commercial and Legal Manager, Caspian Marine Services

“Without a doubt, the Middle East Offshore Support Journal Conference is the hub of OSV-related discussions in the region – always informative, innovative and the right place for exploring new opportunities with all participants”
Capt Hussam Suyyagh, Team Leader, Logistics Operations Center, ADNOC Offshore

“This year the content was even more interesting than usual. The highlight was having key stakeholders and end users on the speaker and panel lists. It is of vital importance that OSV owners and operators hear directly from their potential customers such as ADNOC L&S and McDermott as to what their needs are”
Fazel Fazelbhoy, Chief Executive, Synergy Offshore

“Content was excellent this year, good job of getting clients and owners together and keeping up with the technology trends. Topics were good and the programme was useful&”
Mark Kachouh, Director, Business Development, SEACOR Marine

Advisory Panel

Gijsbert de Jong
Marine Marketing & Sales Director
Bureau Veritas
Morten Sundt
Manager, Marine
Tony Mason
International Support Vessel Owners’ Association
John Snyder
Offshore Support Journal
Paul Jarkiewicz
Operations Director
P&O Maritime Logistics
Stuart Smith
Vice President - Asset Development
Subsea 7
Fazel A. Fazelbhoy
Chief Executive Officer
Synergy Offshore
Thom Payne
Head of Offshore
Westwood Global Energy
Rigzin Angdu - Sales Manager
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Supporting Organisations

All Speakers

Chris Greenwood

Chris Greenwood

Director of Regional Business Development – Middle East & Africa
Lars Seistrup

Lars Seistrup

Managing Director
Albwardy Damen
Arnstein Eknes

Arnstein Eknes

Segment Director - OSV & Special Ships
Khamis Ghumail

Khamis Ghumail

Director - Maritime Traffic Management
Dubai Maritime Authority
Lakhjit Singh

Lakhjit Singh

Harvester Offshore
Dr Ferenc Pasztor

Dr Ferenc Pasztor

Senior Offshore Analyst
Maritime Strategies International
Douglas R Korth

Douglas R Korth

Director Marine Operations
McDermott Middle East Inc
Ian Trebinski

Ian Trebinski

Head of HSSEQ
P&O Maritime Logistics
Martin Helweg

Martin Helweg

Chief Executive Officer
P&O Maritime Logistics
Sanaz Taransari

Sanaz Taransari

Commercial Manager
Seaport International Shipping Company LLC
Allan Falkenberg

Allan Falkenberg

V.Ships Offshore
Fazel Fazelbhoy

Fazel Fazelbhoy

Chief Executive Officer
Synergy Offshore
Marcus Machin

Marcus Machin

Chief Executive Officer
Tufton Oceanic (Middle East) Ltd
Ali El Ali

Ali El Ali

Managing Director
Zakhar Marine International

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Supporting Organisations


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Your exhibitor package includes the following:

  • 3 x 2m stand space
  • Table and chairs
  • Access to electricity
  • Entry on the delegate handbook floorplan
  • 1 x free delegate for each day you are exhibiting
  • Free upload of technical white paper on Riviera’s Maritime Knowledge Bank
  • A minimum of 3 networking sessions in the exhibition area per day


If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact:

Rigzin Angdu, Sales Manager Asia & Middle East, on rigzin.angdu@rivieramm.com or call +65 9695 1824


Exhibitors confirmed to date:

Stand 1 | UniSea


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Shaping New Business Approaches to Thrive in a Demanding Sector


Register interest


08:30 Registration, coffee and networking


09:30 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media

Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


09:35 Platinum sponsor welcome address

Capt Khamis Ghumail, Director - Marine Traffic Management, Marine Traffic Management, Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA)


A comprehensive analysis of the international and local OSV markets, where the opportunities are and what impact recent geopolitical events are having on growth and development in the sector


09:40 Keynote address: Adapting to a constantly changing and evolving industry

  • Redefining the role of the service provider.
  • Experiences in restructuring to meet changing needs.
  • Positioning for growth.
  • What will the next 12 months look like?

Martin Helweg, Chief Executive Officer, P&O Maritime Logistics

10:00 Overview of the global OSV market

  • Review of current global activity.
  • Market drivers, supply and demand.
  • Where will the opportunities lie globally?

Thom Payne, Head of Offshore, Westwood Global Energy


10:20 Opportunities, activity and challenges in the Middle East and West & East Africa

  • Review of the regional market.
  • Update on activity, current and planned
    - Arabian Gulf; West and East Africa
  • Where will the NOCs invest in E&P?
  • Opportunities in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mozambique
  • Impact of international players on the local market and how local players have impacted the ability of international players to bring the latest technology to the MENA market.

Fazel A. Fazelbhoy, Chief Executive Officer, Synergy Offshore


10:40 Q&A


10:55 Networking coffee break sponsored by Vanuatu Maritime Services


A detailed review of the commercial opportunities and challenges in shallow water, emerging and alternative markets, including an in-depth look into decommissioning and the renewables market.

Opportunities in the shallow water market

  • Review of new projects and activity in shallow water
  • Drivers and market trends
  • What vessels will be required
  • Future requirements and forecasts

11:50 Decommissioning in Asia and beyond

  • Decommissioning activity
  • Current status
  • Different modalities
  • The future

Lakhjit Singh, Director, Harvester Offshore


12:10 Q&A


12:20 Panel session: Are there other opportunities for vessel owners?

  • Which other sectors are providing opportunities in these challenging times?
  • Will the ME move towards offshore renewables including wind, solar and tidal?
  • What does the future look like – short and long term?
  • Artificial islands – opportunities for vessel owners?


13:00 Networking Lunch


This session will take a look at the ongoing challenges faced by the OSV sector including oversupply, as well as tackling the issue of aging crews and personnel shortages and the impact COVID-19 is having on crew changes across the globe.


14:10 Addressing the ongoing challenge of oversupply

  • Impact on the market.
  • What needs to happen to redress the balance
  • Scrapping older vessels and natural wastage.
  • What can industry do to redress the balance?

14:30 The OSV crews of the new decade – what do we need to attract and retain our future mariners?

  • Understanding today’s market and its requirements.
  • Managing personnel shortages and impact of aging crews.
  • Strategies to attract and retain ‘new blood’.
  • Areas of opportunity – offshore, energy and renewables.

Allan Falkenberg, CEO - Crew Management & Offshore, V.Ships

14:50 Q&A


15:00 Panel session: Crew change challenges due to COVID-19

  • Review of the impact the global pandemic is having on crew changes
  • What are companies doing to address the challenge?
  • Offshore industry and government collaboration to ensure timely and safe crew changes
  • Will the way crew changes happen change forever?

Sanaz Taransari, Commercial Manager, Seaport International Shipping


15:35 Networking coffee break sponsored by Vanuatu Maritime Services



A detailed review of the subsea vessels’ market and where the opportunities lie, design drivers for next-generation OSVs and the importance of crew boats in the Middle East.


16:15 Developments and opportunities in the subsea vessels’ market

  • Increased capacity and capabilities of subsea vessels.
  • Regional opportunities – Middle East Gulf, Red Sea, Mediterranean and Africa.
  • Opportunities for construction, IRM and diving vessels.
  • Impact of increased E&P activity on supply and demand.
  • Deep and ultra-deepwater requirements.

Douglas R Korth, Director Marine Operations, McDermott Middle East, Inc

New ship designs for shallow draft operations

  • New design 38m super shallow draft Shoal Buster under construction
  • New design 80m shallow draft Multi Buster, diesel electric, DP 2 also under construction
  • Both designs have focus on the Western side of the Arabian Gulf

Lars Seistrup, Managing Director, Albwardy Damen

16:55 The crew boats sector in the Middle East

  • Review of activity in the sector.
  • Technology innovations driving improved safety and performance of vessels.
  • Factors driving new design requirements.

17:15 Q&A


17:25 Chairman’s closing remarks


17:30 Close of day 1


08:00 Registration, coffee and networking


09:00 Chairman’s welcome

Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


09:05 Keynote address: Charterers perspective of today’s OSV sector

  • OSV selection criteria.
  • Requirements.
  • How they see the industry developing over the next 5 years.


This session will provide a comprehensive insight into the changing needs of the charterer, delivering sustainability and meeting environmental objectives in challenges market conditions


09:20 Achieving sustainability in challenging market conditions

  • What is required to attain sustainable operations?
  • Understanding the value and importance of sustainability.
  • Balancing environmental protection, social development and economic growth.
  • Will technology play a role in delivering a robust and sustainable sector?

Ian Trebinski, Head of HSSEQ, P&O Maritime Logistics

Environmental compliance in the offshore vessels sector

  • Adapting to meet environmental objectives.
  • What is required and ensuring compliance.
  • New solutions to address the emissions challenge and drive towards decarbonisation.

10:00 Q&A


10:15 Networking coffee break


This session will take a detailed look into vessels’ valuation, the reality in today’s climate, utilisation and day rates as well as getting to grips with financing complexities and where funding will come from


10:55 Price outlook, valuation and utilisation

  • What is the reality in today’s market?
  • Valuations of the typical ME OSV in 2014 and today.
  • Fleet analysis and utilisation.
  • Is utilisation on the rise, and what does this mean for day rates?
  • Influence of oil price on utilisation and day rates.

Dr Ferenc Pasztor, Senior Offshore Analyst, Maritime Strategies International

11:15 Panel session: Financing, refinancing and restructuring in the sector

  • How does this look going forward?
  • Is there still the appetite from the bankers?
  • Where will the financing come from – traditional markets or other sectors?
  • Meeting ‘green criteria’ set down by the banks.

Marcus Machin, Director, Tufton Oceanic (Middle East) Limited


12:00 Networking lunch sponsored by Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre


This session will provide the latest on technology innovation driving development in the sector including connectivity requirements, condition-based maintenance solutions and an update on alternative fuel options


13:10 Case Study: Advances in condition-based maintenance systems

  • Reducing downtime through condition-based maintenance.
  • Achieving cost efficiencies, increasing vessel uptime and reducing the risk of failures.
  • Targeting critical areas for repair and prioritising maintenance requirements.
  • Experiences and lessons learnt.

Chris Greenwood, Director of Regional Business Development – Middle East & Africa, ABS


13:30 The latest in alternative fuel options for next-generation OSVs

  • Reviewing the options – hybrid/electric/LNG/hydrogen/batteries.
  • Operational and commercial benefits of alternative fuels.
  • Solutions to reduce emissions and meet environmental targets.
  • Efficiency gains through new technology.

Arnstein Eknes, Segment Director - OSV & Special ships, DNV GL

Case Study: Connectivity across the OSV sector

  • Meeting the flexible connectivity demands of the OSV market
  • Solution to improve onboard connectivity
  • Different requirements in a changing business


14:10 Q&A


14:25 Networking coffee break


This session will feature a panel of distinguished leaders from the OSV sector who will share their thoughts, opinions and observations on current challenges market conditions, the impact on the business and strategies for survival.


15:00 Industry leaders’ panel session: How is the OSV sector evolving and how are the key players adapting to meet changes

  • Adjusting to changing market conditions and adapting to the new oil price reality
  • Changing business models, new measures and strategies to compete in today’s unpredictable climate
  • Maintaining business continuity and succeeding after COVID-19
  • Managing the workforce and the importance of retaining critical staff
  • Impact of alternative markets on the OSV market – challenge or opportunity?

Martin Helweg, Chief Executive Officer, P&O Maritime Logistics

Ali El Ali, Managing Director, Zakher Marine International
Fazel A. Fazelbhoy, Chief Executive Officer, Synergy Offshore


15:40 Chairman’s closing remarks


15:45 Close of conference


*Programme subject to changes/amendments

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Why Attend

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Why attend

  • Panel discussions featuring industry leaders shaping the OSV sector in the Middle East
  • Exclusive ADNOC Offshore focus on shallow water market activity and prospects
  • The new Middle East prospects: Egypt and Mediterranean region
  • Analysis of regional EPCI project vessel requirements
  • Insight and forecast on the outlook for foreign flagged OSVs
  • Lessons learned from restructuring in the downturn
  • Special focus: In-Kingdom Total Value Add and In-Country Value implementation programmes
  • Case studies on regional digitalisation programmes
  • The Future is now: presentations on vessel design, hybrid propulsion and battery technology
  • The Middle East outlook on African, Caspian and European opportunities.

Attendees will include:

100+ attendees from across the offshore supply chain will discuss key developments and celebrate the industry’s achievements, including:

  • Vessel owners and operators.
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Vessel designers, builders and shipyards.
  • Classification societies.
  • Brokers, charterers and analysts.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Industry bodies.
  • Technology and service providers.
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