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DMT Marine Equipment SA

DMT Marine Equipment is one of the leading companies in the maritime sector, with a proven record of over 2700 vessels equipped so far and a promise to make no concessions on quality.


We design and produce our products with high consideration towards our clients’ needs and specific requirements, as well as with a thorough understanding that the equipment we deliver must be fully reliable, highly performant and operative under all and any harsh sea conditions. We dedicate all our efforts into creating a legacy, a product that lasts a lifetime on which you can rely no matter what.


During the past years we have developed constantly so that we can always provide the optimum solutions for all our clients. We design, produce and test all our equipment in-house. This gives us the privilege to constantly innovate and upgrade our products so that we can offer our clients the necessary means to deliver on their contracts and experience no downtime.


We produce deck machinery for: Harbor and Terminal vessels, Offshore Vessels, Merchant & Transport Vessels, Fishing Vessels, Mega Yachts, Dredging Vessels and more.

Prelungirea Foltanului no. 13, Romania
+40 236 406 006
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DMT Marine Equipment

Spud Hoist Winch

Wet bell handling system


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