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Tanker Shipping & Trade Webinar Week

09:00 - 14:45

Tanker Shipping & Trade Webinar Week, be sure to join us

Wind tech. Crewing. Mooring. Multi-scope drydocking. IGGs

Beginning Monday, 5 July, we will be holding a series of daily webinars focussed on wind technology, crewing, mooring, multi-scope drydocking and inert gas generators. Each is meticulously researched and speaks to a key industry challenge, headache or opportunity. The webinars are designed to strike the right balance between transmission of key information and interaction with the expert panel assembled. Those who register will also receive copies of webinar materials post event.


Our discussions are focused, cover the advertised subjects, and deliver registrants actionable insights.  


Registration is free, please sign up below.


To guarantee a position on one of the webinar panels, as either a premium partner or sponsored presenter and panellist, please contact Paul Dowling. A number of positions are made available throughout our webinar weeks for our commercial partners on a first come, first served basis.


Please join us for any or all of the following:


The practical application of wind technology on tankers

Date: Monday 5 July - Time: 09:00-09:45 BST


Rotor sails and other wind power assistance devices on tankers have moved quickly through the development stage to the practical stage. In this webinar, we cover the supporting devices and software required to unlock the full potential of wind-powered propulsion assistance on tankers.


Join us as we discuss

  • The shopping list of devices and software required
  • How to integrate software within the tanker
  • Retrofit requirements and their implications
  • The incentives available and how to access them
  • Tanker wind power retrofit case study

Joe Baker, Mechanical Engineer, Anemoi
Gavin Allwright, Secretary General, International Windship Association (IWSA)
Patrick Hooijmans, Senior Project Manager Ships / Team Leader Transport and Shipping, MARIN
Elias Boletis, Director Propellers and Transmission, Wärtsilä

Sponsored by:


Training, retaining and recruiting tanker
crew, post-COVID

Date: Tuesday 6 July - Time: 09:00-09:45 BST


The crewing crisis wrought by COVID is ongoing and well-documented. This webinar assesses how the tanker industry can best train, retain and recruit its seafarers.


Join us as we discuss

  • The skill sets required to crew oil, product and chemical tankers
  • Best practise in handling crew and COVID - today and tomorrow
  • Benchmarking tanker crew salary versus other vessel sectors
  • Crew retention policies and incentives

Mark Parrotte, Group Fleet Personnel Manager, Interorient Ship Management
Phil Parry, Chairman, Spinnaker

Sandra Briegoos, Reward Manager, Spinnaker


Supporting organisation:

Tanker mooring: the trouble with tails

Date: Wednesday 7 July - Time: 09:00-09:45 BST


Tails and ropes should be matched according to the task required, whether mooring to a quayside, STS operations or towing. Our panel will detail best practice when specifying and making up tails and mooring rope sets that are MEG4-compliant and fit for purpose.


Join us as we discuss

  • How to avoid dangerous combinations
  • Replacing unsuitable and old designs
  • New developments in tails / MEG4 tail extension
  • Case studies highlighting common pitfalls and best practice

Ian MacLean, Partner, Hill Dickinson LLP
Howard Flegg, Inspector of Marine Accidents, Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB)

Tanker owner guidance on multi-scope

Date: Thursday 8 July - Time: 09:00-09:45 BST


Tanker drydocking projects rank among the most challenging events in the lifecycle of a vessel, and their complexity has grown to include retrofit installation of ballast water treatment systems, fuel saving devices, wind power, exhaust scrubbers, and engine conversions. This webinar will highlight how tanker owners and operators can best plan and execute these projects at the right time, on time and within budget.


Join us as we discuss

  • In-house versus third-party project management
  • Scheduling that balances commercial and technical requirements
  • How to choose an engineering company and shipyard
  • Ensuring stable logistics and supply of components
  • Case studies of multi-equipment retrofit installations on tankers

David Stockley, Founding Partner, CTC Marine Solutions
Erik Zwijghuizen, Technical Department Manager, MF Shipping Group
Marlon C. Conceicao, Technical Director, Norstar Ship Management Pte



Shouldn’t all tanker owners install inert gas generators?

Date: Thursday 8 July - Time: 14:00-14:45 BST



Premier partner:

A spate of tanker explosions on vessels built before 2016 has revived calls for SOLAS-compliant inert gas systems to be fitted to all newbuild oil and chemical tankers and retrofitted or upgraded on every older tanker in the global fleet. Our expert panel will consider the implications of mandating inert gas generators across the entire tanker fleet from technical, operational and commercial points of view.


Join us as we discuss

  • Whether the SOLAS Convention (Chapter II-2, Regulation 4-5.5) is failing
  • The implications of mandating the global tanker fleet has SOLAS-compliant IG systems
  • The role and responsibility of the charterer in selecting tankers without IG systems
  • The cost of retrofitting an inert gas system
  • The alternatives to IG systems
  • Case study: an inert gas system retrofit project
  • Best-practice for crews on older tankers without IG systems

Sören Scheid, Brand Manager NanoVapor, Ecochlor, Inc.
Bernt Ohrn, Managing Director – Maritime Protection, Survitec
Emma MacCarthy, Loss Prevention Officer, West of England P&I Club

Paul Dowling - Project Lead Paul Dowling - Project Lead
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Webinar details:

A confirmation email will be sent after registration. A reminder will be sent with your access details no later than 72 hours before the events date and a further reminder will be sent 1 hour before the webinar is due to begin.

  • During the webinar the identity of the attendees is confidential
  • All attendees join the webinar with their microphone off
  • We encourage questions to be sent during the webinar, the Moderator will raise these to the expert presenters
  • A recording of the Webinar will be accessible at following the live event taking place.

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