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An opportunity to hear international experts and industry stakeholders present, discuss and debate the latest issues, online and on-demand.

Maritime Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, Europe 2020

In October 2020 our conference programme moved online, allowing our global communities to continue to connect, network and gather knowledge. Our virtual conferences offer ample opportunity to participate in live sessions, to arrange meetings and network, whilst also allowing attendees to keep on top of their daily routine, and still have some personal time.

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After the successful launch event in Bergen in 2019, our Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Conference returned as a virtual event for 2020.


Interest in hydrogen and fuel cells as an alternative clean fuel for maritime transport continues to grow exponentially, with many professionals seeing it as the solution to meeting the zero emission targets over the next few decades. This 2-day online event provided a global overview of the sector, showcased the latest advances, looked at potential applications and provided participants with a better understanding of the long-term benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.


Welcome and introduction, Spotlight Interview


A brief introduction to what was to come during the two day event from the conference chairman and moderator Edwin Lampert, followed by a interview with Norled's Ivan Østvik.


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The Global Market for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells


This session provided an overview of the development and utilisation of hydrogen and fuel cells in the maritime sector by vessel type and the business case for low and zero-carbon fuels.


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Green Fuel Options for Marine Transportation



Listen to expert speakers introduce the latest in fuel for fuel cell technologies, demonstrating the key benefits of the principal green fuels for fuel cell application currently being adopted.


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Infrastructure, Integration and Lifecycle Assessment



This session provided the latest on best practice, and safety standards. Expert speaker examined infrastructure requirements for storage and distribution and discussed the integration conundrum of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies throughout the life cycle.


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Maritime Application and the Future for Hydrogen and Fuels Cells


A session that featured a panel of industry experts who assessed the application of fuel cell technologies by vessel type and provided a futuristic view of hydrogen and fuel cells as a transport fuel in the maritime sector.


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Vessel Design – Latest Projects and Case Studies



A session that evaluates the drivers in design of low and zero-carbon fuel powered vessels, delving into the complexities of equipment layout, technology selection and fuel availability, and focuses on factors which need to be considered in newbuilds, conversions and retrofit vessels.


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