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Maritime Air Pollution Virtual Forum

09:00 - 15:00

Regulations. Ports. Operations.


Riviera’s Maritime Air Pollution Virtual Forum comprises a series of roundtable discussions. Our sessions focus on regulations, ports and the owner/operator perspective. This event is part of Riviera’s series of Maritime Air Pollution virtual and live conferences and webinars.


Expect lively and informed discussion. The virtual forum is free to attend.

Please join us for any or all of the following:


The Maritime Air Pollution regulatory roundtable discussion

Date: Wednesday 30 June - Time: 09:00-10:00 BST

Join our experts drawn from across the industry in open discussion and get your questions answered on where the industry is heading on maritime air pollution regulations

  • A critical assessment of the regulatory timetable, including the EU-ETS
  • How to meet short-term emissions measures entering into force in 2023
  • Why moving from tank-to-wake to well-to-wake matters
  • Carbon pricing, tax or levy: what is proposed, when, and the implications
  • What the Carbon Intensity Indicator regime will require of operators
  • The revision of the EU Alternative Fuels Directive and its implications for ports and shippers
  • Tax versus market-based mechanisms

Panellists include:

Lotten Kronudd, Senior Adviser, ADS Insight Belgium and Managing Director, ADS Insight Scandinavia
Dragos Rauta, Technical Director, INTERTANKO

Nick Makar, Senior Vice President, Maritime Administration and Regulatory Affairs, IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry


The Maritime Air Pollution ports
roundtable discussion

Date: Wednesday 30 June - Time: 11:00-12:00 BST


Ports are pursuing a mix of pathways to support decarbonisation. Investments in shore-power facilities, electric-charging systems and bunkering facilities for alternative fuels are ramping up. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is scaling up shore-based power for sea-going vessels, with the aim of having a high percentage of vessels plugged in at the quay by 2030.

Join us as we assess the impact these measures will have on the industry‘s carbon footprint and what needs to be prioritised.

  • No CO2 at berth by 2030?
  • Ports and fuel availability
  • The emergence of new bunkering hubs
  • Shore connections and energy-storage solutions
  • Wasted argument: why do ports differentiate between ballast and scrubber discharges?
  • If Amazon can do it... the time has come for just-in-time arrivals
  • Real cost of zero fossil carbon emissions fuels. What does NH3 cost to make and how is it made?

Panellists include:
Eero Lehtovaara, Head of Regulatory Affairs, ABB
Don Gregory, Director, EGCSA

Anders Skibdal, CEO, PureteQ

Sigurd Jenssen, Director, Exhaust Treatment, Wärtsilä

The Maritime Air Pollution operators’ roundtable discussion

Date: Wednesday 30 June - Time: 14:00-15:00 BST

The responsible operator’s goal is to balance care for the planet, people and responsible trade with compliant, safe and commercially successful operations. Meeting these aims is less straightforward. Operators are weighing several critical questions: to persist with conventional fuels and a scrubber or a next-generation fuel? And what of fuel availability and competition from other sectors? How much certainty is there when it comes to green-house-gas reduction and regulation and well-to-propeller emissions? And what can be done to future-proof operations?

Join our panellists drawn from the worlds of operation and beyond in open discussion and get your questions answered on how to mitigate and manage maritime air pollution

  • Living with today’s maritime air pollution regulatory timetable
  • Timetable versus route map
  • Ports and fuel availability: selection and when and where to shift
  • Engine power considerations
  • Lessons learned on speed and route optimisation
  • Retrofit versus new design: operational experience
  • Preparing your supply chain for new regulations
  • How best to future-proof operations

Panellists include:
Mark Cameron, Executive Vice President & COO, Ardmore Shipping

Prashanth Athipar, Principal, Maritime Supply Chain Excellence and Sustainability, BHP

Steve Bee, Group Commercial & New Business Development Director, Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS)

Michael Kaczmarek, Senior VP Corporate Shipbuilding, Carnival Corporation



Advisory Panel

Eero Lehtovaara
Head of Regulatory Affairs
ABB Marine & Ports
Don Gregory



Anders Skibdal
Maritime Environmental Technology
Ralf Zimmermann
University of Rostock

Tom Kenny - Brand Manager Tom Kenny - Brand Manager
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All Speakers

Eero Lehtovaara

Eero Lehtovaara

Head of Regulatory Affairs
Mark Cameron

Mark Cameron

Chief Operating Officer
Ardmore Shipping
Lotten Kronudd

Lotten Kronudd

Senior Adviser/Managing Director
ADS Insight (Belgium/Scandinavia)
Prashanth Athipar

Prashanth Athipar

Manager, Maritime Technical
Mike Kaczmarek

Mike Kaczmarek

VP, Corporate Shipbuilding
Don Gregory

Don Gregory

Director/Technical Director
EGCSA/Gulf Oil Marine
Dragos Rauta

Dragos Rauta

Technical Director
Nick Makar

Nick Makar

Vice President
IRI / Marshall Islands Registry
Anders Skibdal

Anders Skibdal

Chief Executive Officer
Steve Bee

Steve Bee

Group Commercial & Business Development Director
Veritas Petroleum Services
Sigurd Some Jenssen

Sigurd Some Jenssen

Director EGC


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Event Series

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Riviera have been running live and virtual events in this area for some time and our events have been attended by thousands of individuals. There follows links to some of the material generated.


November 2019:

Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference, Singapore


March 2020:

Maritime Air Pollution Conference, Americas


May 2020:

Maritime Propulsion Webinar Week: Two-stroke engine forum: peace of mind when running a two-stroke engine on VLSFO

Maritime Air Pollution Webinar Week: Climate Change

Maritime Air Pollution Webinar Week: Human Health

Maritime Air Pollution Webinar Week: Opportunity and Incentivising Change

Maritime Air Pollution Webinar Week: Scrubbers: service experience, sulphur spreads, safety and science


June 2020:

Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Fuel Additives & Fuel Blending

Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Methanol

Marine Fuels Webinar Week: LNG

Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Fuel Testing

Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Ammonia

Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Hydrogen

Marine Fuels Webinar Week: LPG


July 2020:

Marine Lubricants Webinar Week: Improving procurement through to performance

Marine Lubricants Webinar Week: Assessing the added benefits of marine additives and lubricants

Marine Lubricants Webinar Week: Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants: safe or a safety hazard

October 2020:

Maritime Air Pollution Conference, Europe


November 2020:

Marine Lubricants Webinar Week: Bio-lubricants for marine vessels and auxiliary equipment: a better return on investment

Marine Lubricants Webinar Week: Optimum lubrication. Optimum auxiliary machinery performance

Marine Lubricants Webinar Week: Oil condition monitoring: the answer to marine lubricant stress?

Marine Lubricants Webinar Week: Business breakthroughs with digital transformation: becoming more agile and innovative

Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Biofuels: entering the maritime fuel mainstream
Marine Fuels Webinar Week: LPG: the green pathway demystified

Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Bio-LNG and synthetic LNG: future fuels for maritime decarbonisation

Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Fuel testing in a new age

Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Methanol: the simple facts

Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Additives and their role in achieving emissions reduction and compliance


December 2020:

Maritime Air Pollution Webinar Week, Asia


March 2021
Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Converting vessels to run on LNG as a marine fuel
Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Advanced atomic: a zero emission energy revolution for ocean transportation
Marine Fuels Webinar Week: LPG as a marine fuel: lessons learned from the pioneers
Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Why IMO approval is rocket fuel for uptake of methanol as a marine fuel
Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Are you ready to adopt ammonia as your future clean fuel?
Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Fuel additives and fuel blending: additives and their role in maintaining fuel stability during storage and reducing CO2 emissions
Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Green hydrogen as a marine fuel: what it means for shipping
Marine Fuels Webinar Week: When will biofuels move beyond the trial phase and scale
Marine Fuels Webinar Week: Fuel testing: VLSFOs - the black carbon debate

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