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Maritime Hybrid and Electric Conference Bergen 2019

09:00 - 18:00

Achieving significant reductions in fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions

The electric revolution is here, the maritime industry has embraced innovations in hybrid and electric power and propulsion technologies. Scandinavia is leading the world in the development and operation of electric powered vessels. This two day conference discussed the latest innovations in hybrid and electric technologies and how they can provide significant reductions in fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions.


Please see below the highlights video from our September 2019 conference in Bergen, Norway.

Programme highlights

  • The potential of hybrid and electric power as clean energy and in creating a green footprint
  •  How big is the hybrid and electric market?
  •  China is a big player in providing competitively priced solutions – how are they forging ahead?
  • How is Europe leading the world with its green initiatives?
  • How are hybrid and electric technologies being regulated?
  • Hydrogen fuel cells versus lithium-ion batteries
  •  How can hybrid and electric solutions be used for various types of vessels and maritime applications
  •  Energy density considerations and analysis
  •  How do you go about replacing auxiliary engines with a battery solution?
  • Assessing the number of battery packs required over the life-cycle of a vessel
  •  The price of batteries and how manufacturers are looking to reduce costs
  • Vessel layout and engine room – design and engineering considerations for hybrid and electric vessels
  • Managing risks and ensuring safety
  • Can hybrid systems and batteries achieve zero emissions shipping?

For details on sponsoring or exhibiting at the Maritime Hybrid and Electric  Conference next year please contact Indrit Kruja on +44 208 370 7792 or email

For other information on the event please contact: Caitriona Socratous on +44 208 370 1731 or email

Event Partners

Supporting Organisations

All Speakers

Senior Representative

Senior Representative

Pål Tveitevåg

Pål Tveitevåg

Geir Bjørkeli

Geir Bjørkeli

Corvus Energy
Michael Deutmeyer

Michael Deutmeyer

EAS Batteries
Jan Lodden

Jan Lodden

Eidesvik Offshore ASA
Morten Sundt

Morten Sundt

Marine Manager
Per Evin Tande

Per Evin Tande

Naval Architect
Fosen Ulstein Design & Engineering
Andrea D'Ambra

Andrea D'Ambra

Energy Saving and innovation Project Manager
Andrea Aarseth Langli

Andrea Aarseth Langli

Managing Director
Maritime Battery Forum
Siv Remøy-Vangen

Siv Remøy-Vangen

Managing Director
Maritime Bergen
Hege Økland

Hege Økland

NCE Maritime CleanTech
Stein Ruben Larsen

Stein Ruben Larsen

Senior Vice President Sales
Norwegian Electric Systems AS
Kolbjorn Berge

Kolbjorn Berge

Project Manager - Innovation & New Technology
Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA)
Sveinung Oftedal

Sveinung Oftedal

Specialist Director, Department for Marine Management and Pollution Control
Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment
Senior Representative

Senior Representative

Joe Burgard

Joe Burgard

Red and White Fleet San Francisco Bay Cruises
Rolf Petter Almli

Rolf Petter Almli

Sales Manager
Alessandro Mercante

Alessandro Mercante

Hybrid Applications Engineer
Wärtsilä Italia

Event Partners

Supporting Organisations


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17:30-19:30 Pre-registration available - Dragefjellet room


08:00 Registration, coffee and networking

09:00 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

Hybrid and electric systems are set to play a key role in the future of maritime power and propulsion. Speakers will discuss how a green footprint can be achieved, the latest market data and industry regulations.

09:10 Keynote: Regulations and possible consequences for shipping
Sveinung Oftedal, Specialist Director, Department for Marine Management and Pollution Control,
Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment

09:30 Q&A

09:40 Green Shipping Programme – reacting fast and influencing a new business environment
Narve Mjøs, Director, Green Coastal Shipping Programme, DNV GL

10:00 Q&A

10:10 Industry data, trends and developments
Andrea Aarseth Langli, Managing Director, Maritime Battery Forum

10:30 Q&A

10:40 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area

11:20 How can ship owners react to a new regulatory framework?
Siv Remøy-Vangen, General Manager, Maritime Bergen

11:40 Q&A

The leading battery and fuel cell manufacturers will update the conference on their latest projects, technologies and lessons learnt. Delegates will have the opportunity to get answers to the most pressing questions they have and gain insight into the latest field data.

11:50 Interview: Corvus - lessons learnt from over 200 installations

• Lessons learnt from and industry leader.

• Batteries for hydrogen-battery setup and how they work together.

• Recent innovations in energy storage systems.

• First all electric tug project – results and lessons learnt.

• New factory update - what new innovations can we expect to see in the future?
Geir Bjørkeli, Chief Executive Officer, Corvus Energy

12:10 Q&A


12:20 Novel Innovative modular marine battery system for high and medium power applications

• Highest voltage in class of up to 1.500 V DC

• Highest currents in class of 5C continuous and 15C peak – water cooled

• Fully modular system allowing any shape of complete battery string

• Easy to integrate and retrofit for hybrid electric drive trains

Michael Deutmeyer, Managing Director, EAS Batteries

12:40 Q&A


12:50 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area

The leading engine manufacturers and systems integrators will discuss their latest solutions for hybrid and electric power and propulsion. A key takeaway for delegates will be how various maritime vessels can benefit from hybrid and electric solutions.

14:00 Case study: Seashuttle project - short-sea containership powered by hydrogen fuel cells and batteries
The power to propulsion will be produced by fuel cells fuelled by hydrogen and batteries. The vessel will have approximately 45% less energy consumption than current vessels per passenger-km, and can be made with varying size and capacity, from 100 to 300 passengers.
Tomas Tronstad, Managing Director, Hyon

14:20 Q&A

14:30 System integration: Seeing opportunity in smaller hybrid vessels

• ECO Bulk for Misje.

• Hybrid systems for short sea vessels.

• Fish farm vessels benefitting off hybrid systems.

• Wind mill service vessels using batteries for safety.

• Thoughts about the deep sea.

Stein Ruben Larsen, SVP Sales, Norwegian Electric Systems (NES)

14:50 Q&A


15:00 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area


Industry leaders will address the business case for hybrid and electric solutions. Early investors will share why they chose hybrid electric systems and the benefits they intend to derive from these innovative technologies.

15:40 Stepping towards emission free shipping
Jorulf Nergård, Vice President Market development, Marine and Ports, ABB

16:00 Q&A

16:10 Case study: Equinor’s ambitions and strategies for “green logistics”
Morten Sundt, Manager, Marine, Logistics & Emergency Response, Equinor

16:30 Q&A

16:40 Case study: Eidesvik offshore’s experience with battery installation and operation
Jan Lodden, Executive Vice President & COO, Eidesvik

17:00 Q&A

17:10 Panel discussion: The business case for hybrid and electric systems

• Understanding the key benefits of hybrid and electric systems.

• Breaking down the costs involved for owners and operators.

• Newbuild versus retrofits – factors to consider when making investment decisions.

• Lifecycle management of hybrid and electric vessels.

• Owners and operators insights: key business drivers behind investments into hybrid and electric systems.

Narve Mjøs, Director, Green Coastal Shipping Programme, DNV GL
Morten Sundt, Manager, Marine Logistics & Emergency Response, Equinor
Jan Lodden, Executive Vice President & COO, Eidesvik
Hege Økland, CEO, NCE Maritime CleanTech
Joe Burgard, President, Red and White Fleet

17:40 Q&A


17:50 Closing remarks from the chairman
18:00 End of day one



08:00 Registration, coffee and networking

09:00 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

Vessel designers, builders and engineers will discuss recent newbuilds and retrofits. Speakers will address in detail layout strategies for vessels and engine rooms.

09:10 Keynote: An operator’s experience with hybrid electric

• Making the decision.

• Building the vessel.

• Training the crew.

• Dollars spent and saved.

• Discoveries and impacts.

Joe Burgard, President, Red and White Fleet

09:30 Q&A

09:40 Case study: Port infrastructure, setup and charging facilities

• Infrastructure and facilities provided for recharging vessels.

• Plug-in hybrid batteries that are recharged via a power cable with green electricity from shore facilities.

• How are ports looking to expand to accommodate a growing hybrid and electric market?

Pål Tveitevåg, Manager, BKK

10:00 Q&A

10.10 Grimaldi Case study: Using an onboard generator to recharge batteries

• Engineering, design and operation of vessels with onboard generators that recharge batteries.

• How can this hybrid and electric setup achieve emissions reduction and fuel efficiency?

• What types of maritime vessels can benefit from these systems?

Andrea D’Ambra, Batteries Project Manager, Grimaldi

10:30 Q&A

10:50 Networking coffee in the exhibiton room

Vessel designers, builders and engineers will discuss recent newbuilds and retrofits. Speakers will address engineering considerations that need to be made including vessel layout and setup in the engine room.

11:20 Technical dive into the Wärtsilä hybrid systems

• Wärtsilä hybrid vessels – references.

• Introduction to the Wärtsilä HY.

• Escorts tug in the port of Luleå, first vessel in the world equipped with the fully integrated hybrid power - case study.

• New Wärtsilä hybrid centre.

Alessandro Mercante, Hybrid Applications Engineer, Marine Solutions, Wärtsilä Italia

11:40 Q&A

11:50 Identifying and managing the key risks

• Dealing with fires and other risks in the engine room.

• Should a fire occur what would happen?

• Understanding your crewing and training requirements.

• Best practice safety guidelines.

Kolbjørn Berge, Project Manager, Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA)

12:10 Q&A

12:20 Color Hybrid Vessel Case study: Recharging at port solution

• How does recharging take place at port?

• How long do batteries last before recharging is required?

• How long does recharging take?

• Lessons learnt from commercial operations.

Rolf Petter Almli, Sales Manager, Ulstein
Per Edvin Tande, Naval Architect, Fosen Ulstein Design & Engineering

12:50 Q&A


13:00 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area


14:00 Corvus Energy Factory opening

Join Corvus for the official grand opening of their brand new battery factory in Bergen, Norway

They are showcasing their fully robotised and digitalised plant along with interesting speeches, entertainment, food and drinks. The opening ceremony takes place on the 5th September at Sandbrekketoppen 30, 5224 Nesttun from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Coaches will be leaving the Scandic Bergen City Hotel at 2:30pm.

18:00 End of conference

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Who attended

Linked InTwitterFacebookeCard

Who attended


Shipowners & Operators

Bugser og Berging

Hornblower Cruises


Lemissoler Navigation

DOF Management

MSC Cruises


North Sea Shipping

Engstrom Shipping

Port of Oslo

Epic Gas

Rederiet Stenersen


Red & White Fleet


SinOceanic Shipping

GC Rieber Shipping


Viking Cruises

Odfjell Drilling

The Fjords

Other companies in attendance



Adwatec Oy

Kongsberg Maritime

Bakker Sliedrecht


Bergen Shipowners Association


Bertel O. Steen Power Solutions

Lemissoler Navigation


Maritime Battery Forum

Bosch Rexroth

Maritime Bergen

Blueday Technology

Marine Jet Power

Brunvoll Mar-El

NCE Maritime CleanTech

Corvus Energy

North of England P & I

Cemre Muhendislik

Norwegian Electric Systems


Norwegian Maritime Authority

EAS Batteries

Norwegian Maritime Exporters


NTNU Faculty of Maritime Technology and Operations

Fagskolen i Alesund

Norwegian Ministry of the Environment

Fagskolen i Hordaland

Ortech Marine

Fagskolen Rogaland

Proton Motor Fuel Cell

Fagskulen i Sogn og Fjordane




Fincantieri SI

Sobis Software

Fosen Yard

Spear Power Systems

GE Power Conversion


Green Shipping Programme

The Switch

Hans H. Schive

Troms Fylkekommune

Havyard Group

Ulstein Group

HBM Finland

Vard Electro

HBM Norge

Wartsila Italia

Heinzmann Automation

Wartsila Marine Solutions

Hidrovias do Brasil

Wartsila Norway 

Holland America Group

Wartsila SAM Electronics

Holland Shipyards Group

Westcon Power and Automation

Invest in Bergen

Winterthur Gas & Diesel


Niigata Power Systems (Europe)

Viking Cruises

Sweco Norge

Austevoll Elektro

Yxney Maritime

MTU Friedrichshafen

Brunvoll Volda

Green Cube Innovation

Norwegian Hull Club


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