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We want to keep our community members and guests up to date with what’s happening at Riviera and how our multi-platform media approach works for you. New product launches, enhancements to existing services, announcements and important information will be brought to you here at Riviera Comms.

Over the coming weeks, we will be launching new and bespoke services specifically put together in partnership with industry experts and professionals to address current challenges as well as those existing ones that still have to be dealt with. Please register with us as a member to ensure you have access to all the latest updates.

Multi-platform media services meeting current challenges


Not surprisingly, international publishing and events businesses like Riviera, are seeing just how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted industry worldwide as trade slows and corporations take action not only to mitigate its impact on current operations but to prepare themselves to move forward effectively and efficiently as and when the threat begins to lift.


Many major trade shows, conferences and events that have been the mainstay of maritime and offshore for as long as I can remember have been postponed or cancelled entirely on a scale that really is unprecedented. And yet, whilst this is undoubtedly one of the toughest global challenges any of us have ever known, there remains opportunity for companies to emerge positively and for some, stronger and fitter than ever before.


I wanted to share with you a snapshot of what’s been happening at Riviera as we too review our activities and enhance our suite of products and services to meet the challenges ahead and the needs of the niche market communities we are proud to serve.


  • Webinar Weeks: the need to network, collaborate, discuss and debate during times like this is brought into sharp focus by lockdown restrictions. We have launched a series of industry Webinars, each series dedicated to a specific market sector and the topical issues stakeholders want to discuss. Each webinar lasts 45-60 minutes, and is scheduled daily to feature a specific challenge, headache or opportunity. A panel of industry experts will discuss the issues raised and take questions from an online audience. “Maritime Propulsion Webinar Week” starts Tuesday 5 May and is free to attend. Please check the website for the schedule here and join the debate. If you miss any you can watch them on-demand here. Please contact a sales representative here if you would like to discuss opportunities to participate or support our Webinar series.


  • Digital publications: there has been a significant spike in the number of people reading our online magazines since we moved to using FlowPaper technology. FlowPaper is a leader in the field of responsive web publications and delivers a premium online reader experience. A key benefit of adopting this technology is our ability to deliver significantly improved engagement options for our advertisers and sponsors including background wallpaper, video, URL links and banner advertising. Click here to view our portfolio of Digital publications and if you would like to know more contact a sales representative.


  • Online traffic has grown significantly since the launch of our new platforms in July 2019. We serve content to our members based on their registered interests and our advertising server cannot be blocked by ad blockers. Both quite useful to know if you’re a marketer. Traffic has continued to increase as audiences engage with us as a trusted information and news source whilst working from home. Our membership communities are thriving and the conversion of guest users to members continues to rise with online advertising campaigns benefitting from large audiences in captive settings. Please contact your sales representative for further information or click here.


  • As email boxes become ever more crowded and e-marketing communications fight for attention with a few words in the subject line, Print publications are finding space amongst the noise once more. With readers working from home and minimal direct mail being redirected from the office, print issues continue to deliver valuable messages as stand-alone products but particularly as part of a multi-platform campaign approach. There remains a uniquely strong engagement with the physical product and it will continue to earn its place as a proven but also premium campaign channel for a some time yet.


  • Whilst large-scale gatherings will be an issue for governments in the short to medium term, our niche market live conferences, seminars and breakfast briefings are poised to resume as soon as restrictions allow, travel bans are lifted and executives are able get out into the markets again to boost recovery. Our programme of Events for the remainder of 2020 has been rescheduled as required and we continue to monitor our industry sector closely so we can bring you the best possible programmes, international experts and networking opportunities as we all emerge post COVID-19. For full details of our comprehensive schedule of events, including our webinars, and how you can participate, please click here.


Your feedback is valuable and I’d be delighted to discuss your thoughts on how we can help you develop and maintain your market presence and keep your products and services at the forefront of buyers minds. Please get in touch.

Steve Labdon
Posted by Steve Labdon

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