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Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery


Marine Propulsion has been at the heart of industry reporting, spanning the marine engineering supply chain for over 40 years. Our editorial delivers the practical insights shipowners, operators and management companies need to drive forward vessel efficiency and performance management within an ever-changing landscape for propulsion and above and below deck machinery.

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The timeline set for industry-wide desulphurisation, decarbonisation and reducing GHG emissions underlines the economic and regulatory pressures the marine industry is currently facing. Our coverage allows our audience to not only keep pace but to get ahead with specialist features, technical analysis and interviews with leading professionals, ship and shoreside. Emphasis is given to technical solutions, emerging technologies and company strategies within the regulatory, operational and commercial context.


Key Facts:


• First published in 1979

75% of the magazine circulation reaches owners/operators/managers**

• Annual Chinese language edition distributed directly to 6,000 members of the Shanghai Society for Naval Architects & Ocean Engineers

27,300 copies circulated bi-monthly (11,000 print, 19,300 digital)**

82% of the magazine circulation reaches key purchasing decision-makers**

Global Reach:

Reader analysis by geographical breakdown**

** Publisher’s statement

OEM Focus

Each issue contains an in-depth profile of a major equipment manufacturer. Our editors will interview senior executives from the organisation and report on their market outlook, strategy for new product development and services, and significant projects they have ongoing.


Vessel Optimisation

To meet shipping’s ambitious efficiency and decarbonisation goals, owners will need to unleash powerful insights using high-speed connectivity, a bevy of sensors, IoT applications and big data analytics. Marine Propulsion’s editorial content reflects this with exclusive features covering the latest developments in this area.



Intensive research is being conducted into the use of lower-carbon, carbon-neutral and synthetic fuels that will help operators comply with emissions regulations. There is a widening choice of fuels - VLSFO, LNG, Methanol, LPG, Ammonia and Hydrogen – and one size does not fit all. Within each issue our editors examine one of these fuel choices in-depth, exploring its operational and commercial benefits and technical challenges.


Regular features • Comment • On The Agenda • Briefing • Yard Profile • Enginebuilder Profile • Powertalk • Two-Stroke Engines • Four-Stroke Engines • Fuels & Lubricants • On The Horizon • Bunker Intelligence


Issue / Features 2021

Additional distribution

December/January 2020/2021

Market analysis: Cruise ships

Water treatment – to include:

• Ballast water treatment

• Waste water treatment

• Scrubber washwater treatment

Auxiliary machinery – to include:


• Stabilisers

• Boilers


• Training & simulation

• Emissions control

Maritime Hybrid & Electric, North America


Market analysis: Container carriers

Fuel topic: Ammonia

Driveline – to include:

• Gearboxes

• Shafting, couplings & dampers

• Seals & bearings

• Propellers

Performance management to include:

• Condition & performance management

• Predictive Maintenance

• Energy Management


• Propulsion packages

• Fuel testing

• Container handling

LNG Bunkering & Refuelling Conference, Americas


Market analysis: Gas carriers

Fuel topic: LNG

Alternative & secondary propulsion – to include:

• Waterjets

• Thrusters

Electric & Hybrid systems – to include:

• Switchboards

• Energy storage

LNG – to include:

• Cryogenic engineering & equipment

• Fuelling & bunkering

Auxiliary systems – to include:

• Emissions control – Scrubbers

• Heat exchangers

• Generators


• Gas turbines

Worldwide Turbocharger Guide Supplement


Market analysis:

Fuel topic: Methanol

Ferry systems – to include:

• Battery technology

• Electric propulsion

• Stabilisers


Auxiliary systems – to include:

• Automation & control

• Compressors

• Steering gear & rudders

• Filters & separators

Ballast water – to include:

• Retrofitting

• Innovation

• Sampling & testing

Seatrade Cruise Global, Miami

IMPA, London


Market analysis: Tankers & bulkers

Fuel topic: VLSFO

Electrical & Hybrid systems – to include:

• Frequency convertors & motors

• Power plant & gensets

• Energy storage

Driveline – to include:

• Transmission

• Noise & vibration

Fuels – to include:

• Fuel testing

• Treatments & additives

• Fuels systems

• Alternative fuels


• Engineroom safety

• Spares supply

Maritime Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Conference, Bergen

Maritime Hybrid & Electric Conference, Bergen

Kormarine, Busan

Sea Asia, Singapore

Maritime Air Pollution, Europe


Market analysis: Tugs and Workboats

Fuel topic: Hydrogen

Engines & propulsion Systems – to include:

• High speed engines

• Dual fuel & gas engines

• Turbochargers

• Thrusters

• Propellers

Auxiliary machinery – to include:

• Pumps

Design & software – to include:




• Performance Coatings

• Cranes & hatch covers

• Winch technology

Marintec, Shanghai

Maritime Air Pollution, Asia

December/January 2021/2022

Market analysis: Cruise ships

Fuel topic: LPG

Water treatment – to include:

• Ballast water treatment

• Waste water treatment

• Scrubber washwater treatment

Auxiliary machinery – to include:


• Stabilisers

• Boilers


• Training & simulation

• Emissions control

Nor-Shipping, Oslo


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