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New to Riviera?

Utilise our global reach to present your expertise to an audience of more than 250,000 industry professionals – at no cost!


When marketing to a highly educated audience about high value, complex products and services, whitepapers should form an essential part of your communications plan.

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Riviera’s Whitepaper Knowledge Bank is an online research library of technical, solutions-based whitepapers, case studies and expert views from across the maritime engineering and offshore sectors that address the developments and challenges facing our industries today. Companies are invited to submit their whitepaper for us to upload free of charge.


Since we first launched our whitepaper library in 2016 we’ve had more than 14,000 readers use this service. Not surprisingly there is a clear correlation between the most read whitepapers and often problematic forthcoming industry regulations, like ballast water treatment and IMO 2020.


Successful whitepapers provide a detailed, informative and unbiased solution to a problem your target market is facing. Those who download whitepapers are often in the early stages of their research and the information you provide positions your company as a knowledgeable and trustworthy supplier. Ideally your paper will include case studies, analytics and research that can be supported by known third party sources. Our experience suggests, that for the maritime market, your whitepaper should be no less than 8 pages and can be as much as 15 pages long.





Each whitepaper is listed in our searchable library, which can be reached from the home page or community sites, and will be promoted in relevant newsletters and via our social media channels.

Riviera home page
Riviera home page


Whitepapers are also served to users of our websites based on their registered interests and their behaviour. Almost 100,000 unique users engage with us online every month so visibility of whitepapers is very high.

Whitepaper Knowledge Bank online
Whitepaper Knowledge Bank online

A Lead Generation service that guarantees a high ROI


When your whitepaper is downloaded, we can report this interest back to you together with details of the reader.


Many of our commercial partners operate Lead Generation campaigns with us because of the positive ROI they receive. Using our interest-based and behavioural content delivery, we target the demographics identified in their campaigns to generate genuine leads that can be added to their sales pipeline.

Obtaining industry engagement for new product development, services or a technical solution that facilitates regulatory compliance can be an expensive and time-consuming task. Our Lead Generation service provides huge potential not only for you to engage the attention of your target audience but to also obtain marketing "consent". Details can therefore be added to your CRM and contact can be made directly regarding your product or service.


Specify the number of leads required and our lead generation service delivers those for you.


Contact our sales team today for more information here.

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