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Run of site or targeted?


Advertising can be run in a number of ways on our platform.

  • we offer run of site advertising which is not targeted to particular user types and is viewable by all website visitors.
  • or we offer the ability to serve advertising against select topics and/or vessel types. Targeted advertising is served against content that is tagged and matches the topic and/or vessel selection of the advertising campaign or to a registered user’s selected interests that match the campaign. This is the highest form of targeting.

Choose your channel page(s):

Riviera home

Ballast Water Treatment Community

Container Shipping Community

Offshore Wind Community

OSV Community

Tanker & Terminal Operators Community

International Tug & Salvage Community

LNG Shipping & Terminals Community

Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery Community

Maritime Communications Community

Passenger Ship Technology Community

Choose your vessel type(s):

Container Ships

Cruise Ships

Dry Cargo


Gas Ships

Offshore Support Vessels



Choose your topic(s):

Air Pollution & GHG Emissions

Bridge Systems

Business & Finance



Cyber Security


Fleet Performance & Maintenance

Fuels & Lubricants

Hybrid Electric & Fuel Cells





Offshore Wind

Ports & Terminals


Regulations & Compliance

Safety & Incidents

Ship Recycling

Shipbuilding & Design

Vessel Maintenance


Did you know?


Globally 30% of advertising is not shown online due to ad blockers. Our websites use first party cookies to serve content and advertising meaning advertising on our websites cannot be blocked.





Choose the size of advert to suit your campaign below.


Position 1&2 Takeover: These utilise the Billboard position at the top and the vertical columns either side of the channel

page. The vertical columns remain constant as the web page is scrolled up or down. These are a powerful combination

and allow an advertiser the opportunity to dominate the web page with their advertising message.

Dimension 1 Background: 2,560 pixels wide x 1,455 pixels high

Dimension 2 Billboard: 1260 pixels wide x 156 pixels high


Position 2 Billboard (only): This utilises the Billboard position at the top of a page.

Dimension 2 Billboard: 1260 pixels wide x 156 pixels high


Position 5 MPU: Offers an alternative position, size and visibility to the Billboard and Horizontal Banner options.

Dimension 5 MPU: 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high


Position 3 Monster MPU: Offers a unique size and increased visibility to the standard MPU size.

Dimension 3 Monster MPU: 300 wide pixels x 600 pixels high


Position 4 & 6 Horizontal Banners: Allows for a brand or product to be positioned within the page.

Dimension 4 & 6 Horizontal Banners:

• Website size – 728 pixels wide x 90 pixels high

• Tablet size – 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high

• Mobile size – 320 pixels wide x 50 pixels high



• File sizes not to exceed 750KB.

• JPEG or GIF files for static or simple animated banner ads

• Please supply the URL to which the advertisement should be linked

• Please supply material 3 working days before the publishing date.

• In instances where we have spare inventory we may place your banner elsewhere to help with your brand awareness.



Please contact a sales representative to discuss the benefits of targeting through our platform Click Here

Reach your target audience with integrated marketing solutions that deliver results

Through our publications and events – both virtual and live – Riviera’s directed, curated content reaches the specific, targeted audiences you seek. And the connections we have built ensure market-leading levels of engagement from consumers across our content offerings.


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Allseas takes delivery of FCS vessel to support Pioneering Spirit

Allseas takes delivery of FCS vessel to support Pioneering Spirit


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